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XPhyto Therapeutics Corp: German cannabis cultivation and extraction

In the world of German cannabis cultivation and extraction we present our Partner XPhyto Therapeutics Corp, the science-based cannabis company with their unique licence.

XPhyto Therapeutics Corp is a science-based cannabis company focused on formulation, clinical validation, and emerging European markets. XPhyto’s 100% owned German subsidiary, Bunker Pflanzenextrakte GmbH, has been granted a unique German cannabis cultivation and extraction licence for scientific purposes by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM).

Learn more about XPhyto Therapeutics Corp expanding the realms of cannabis cultivation.

 XPhyto’s focus

Germany is the largest legal medical cannabis market in the world with the most potential number of patients in a single jurisdiction. Although it is an emerging market, the country is extremely open to the clinical use of cannabis. Also, in some cases, medical cannabis is paid for by government medical insurance.

The commercial cultivation market in Germany is somewhere we want to be in 12 to 24 months but right now the opportunities in Germany for growing are fairly limited. Supply is a major issue right now and the deficit is currently made up through imports.

Our initial focus in Germany will be on growing and extracting flower, this will be followed by import and distribution. We have an amazing 10,000 sq ft facility that is a former military command centre. We are engaged with a very prominent grower and hydroponics expert from Canada to assist in growing flower at that facility.

In terms of supply of flower, we’re building relationships with a number of Canadian producers as well as in South America and Israel, where established growers are looking for an opportunity to sell into Europe. We do not intend to grow outside of Germany, and we are actively engaged with potential suppliers who want distribution in Europe.

A quick overview of XPhyto and the world of German cannabis cultivation

XPhyto is a science-focused cannabis company developing analytical testing, processing, and formulation capability in Canada and research, cultivation, extraction, import, distribution, and manufacturing in Germany.

Want to know more about XPhyto Therapeutics Corp? Discover the company here:

  • Developing analytical testing
  • Processing
  • Formulation capability
  • Research
  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Import
  • Distribution
  • Cannabis processing
  • Cannabis formulation capability
  • Cannabis research
  • Cultivation
  • Extraction

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