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Vayamed: the company delving into cannabis research

We introduce our Partners, Vayamed, the dynamic company that utilises cannabis research to import and distribute medical cannabis.

Vayamed is a dynamic medical cannabis company unlocking the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. Based in Berlin, the pharmaceutical company actively engages in the import, wholesale, distribution and research of medical cannabis for the European market.

Decades of neglect in scientific research of the cannabis plant has led the company to address the most vital needs of patients by focusing on consistent quality, cannabis research and education with an established network of international partners.

Maximising patient value

Vayamed believes everyone deserves to live a healthy life. The company delivers superior value to patients by carefully selecting their production and logistics partners based on established quality, safety and delivery standards, to guarantee pharmaceutical quality compliance.

At Vayamed, quality guarantees rest on internal and external due diligence processes that continuously analyse the targeted chemistry profiles of the product offerings. Additionally, the company collaborates solely with partners that have a proven track record in EU-GMP and GDP compliance.

Tailored medicines for individual therapies

With patients as Vayamed’s central focus, the company is heavily invested in fundamental research of the cannabis plant’s active ingredients and areas of application through close collaboration with renowned industry experts. Successful therapies are supported by the company’s facilities to promote reliable availability of their products and medicines.

Vayamed extends its shared mission by working together with doctors and pharmacists to provide patients with medicines that have been carefully tailored to their individual therapies.

Equipped with their knowledge and values, Vayamed’s team of experts educates healthcare professionals, patients and consumers to support them in their goal of living a healthier life.

More about Vayamed

Want to learn more about our Partners? Discover Vayamed here: https://vayamed.com/

  • Pan-European Supplier Network
  • State-of-the-art cannabinoid therapies
  • Education
  • Collaborative scientific & medical research
  • Product development.

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