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urban-gro: design experts of cultivation facilities

Cannabis facility design: design, engineering, and complex systems integration for high-performance cannabis cultivation facilities.

urban-gro, Inc. is a leading engineering design services company that integrates complex equipment systems into high-performance indoor cannabis cultivation facilities around the world.

Our highly tailored, plant-centric approach to the design, procurement, and systems integration provides a single point of accountability throughout the project lifecycle. urban-gro further ensures operational efficiency and economic advantage for commercial cultivators through a full spectrum of professional services and product solutions focused on facility optimisation and promoting environmental health.

Our team of expert engineers and designers have experience in the design, engineering, and startup/commissioning of more than 350 facilities. Our team provides cannabis facility design to meet the most stringent of regulatory environments, whether they are energy efficiency goals (code required), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

Our comprehensive services

Considering the importance of seamless integration of all building systems – a deficiency in one or more systems can impact the facility’s overall efficiency and performance. The result may be reduced cannabis yields, increased energy consumption, and reduced market competitiveness.

We provide turn-key cannabis facility design services and solutions that not only meet our customers’ business goals, but also drive efficient workflow that interoperates with the environment, people, plants, and processes.

Our services include:

  • Cultivation Space Programming (CSP)Enable the business and cultivation functions to work in unison to efficiently and consistently produce economically competitive cannabis
  • Integrated Cultivation Design (ICD)Design and engineering of critical systems to ensure integrated, optimal performance of cultivation equipment and environmental systems
  • Commissioning/gro-caresOn-site and virtual support of staff and cultivation systems to prevent downtime and loss of production.

A collaborative approach with design and construction teams

We work efficiently with both veteran design and construction teams and those new to the industry.

Our collaboration goals remain consistent: we help teams answer the unexpected design questions before they become construction problems. We proactively address construction issues before they are left for the owner to resolve — which is often too late.


  • Cultivation Space Programming (CSP)
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Engineering & Design
  • Integrated Cultivation Design (ICD) of Complex Systems
  • Commissioning/gro-cares

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