Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Versatile Accum technology for various immune-oncology needs

Defence Therapeutics explains how its Accum™ technology can enhance the delivery of tumour and infectious disease-specific therapeutics. The principal technology developed by Defence Therapeutics (DT)...

Viagra shown to suppress abnormal heart rhythms

The drug sildenafil, sold under the brand name Viagra, can strongly suppress abnormal heart rhythms, a new study has found. In a study led by...

Pfizer-BionNTech vaccine side effects mild to moderate in high-risk children

The side effects of the Pfizer-BionNTech vaccine in clinically vulnerable 12- to 15-year-olds are likely to be minimal, a study has shown. In a small...

$1.5m funding will further research towards TB vaccine

The VALIDATE Network has received a $1.5m funding boost to support its development of a tuberculosis (TB) vaccine. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have...

COVID-19 vaccine benefits outweigh risk of Bell’s palsy, say researchers

The benefits and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines far outweigh the minimal risk of developing Bell’s palsy, researchers have said. Following the first large-scale population-based study...

Greater effort needed to reduce antimicrobial resistance, researchers say

Current measures to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care are not enough to prevent the rise of drug-resistant infection in England, a new report...

The pharmaceutical industry’s response to COVID-19

Nathalie Moll, Director General of the EFPIA, discusses the changes the pharmaceutical industry has implemented to support the healthcare sector through COVID-19. The European Federation...

New drug offers hope for MS sufferers on World Brain Day

As medical experts urgently call for action to tackle MS, one company has developed a drug it believes can treat the condition by repairing...

Antipsychotic drug could reduce dementia-related psychosis symptoms

The benefits of an antipsychotic treatment for people with dementia-related psychosis have been demonstrated in a new study. A clinical trial has tested the efficacy...

Sleep apnoea severity can be reduced by repurposed drugs

Existing medications could be repurposed to successfully reduce the severity of sleep apnoea by at least 30%, new research has revealed. Professor Danny Eckert, Principal...

Promising bladder cancer treatment developed using alternative approach

Using a new approach to molecular drug design, scientists have created a highly promising bladder cancer treatment. The new drug to treat bladder cancer was...

Antacids may improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes

Antacids can improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes, new research has demonstrated. In a recent meta-analysis, researchers found that the use of antacids...

Statin use reduced risk of cancer in heart failure patients

Statin use can lessen the risk of cancer and mortality in heart failure patients, new research has found. Academics at the University of Hong Kong...

Fertility treatment drugs do not increase breast cancer risk

Common fertility treatment drugs used to release eggs do not increase the risk of developing breast cancer, new research has shown. An analysis was carried...

Intellectual property and vaccine equality in a pandemic

Akshaya Kumar, Director of Crisis Advocacy at Human Rights Watch, speaks to us about intellectual property and vaccine inequity. In October 2020, representatives of India...

Hope of alternative treatment for osimertinib-relapsed lung cancer patients

A combination treatment has proved effective in treating patients with lung cancer whose disease progressed after treatment with osimertinib. The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson...

Rise in cost and usage of antidepressants sparks concern

An alarming surge in the usage and cost of antidepressants in 2020 has been recorded by researchers from the University of Huddersfield. Researchers conducted a...

Study finds Opioid Agonist Therapy lowers mortality risk

Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT) can lower the risk of death amongst people with opioid dependence, findings from a global review have shown. The review was...

Study demonstrates long-lasting efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine programme

Researchers carrying out pre-clinical testing of a COVID-19 vaccine programme have discovered a high antibody response, lasting over 18 weeks. Biotechnology company Defence Therapeutics Inc...
Parkinson's disease treatment

Major progress made to improve Parkinson’s disease treatment

Scientists have made a breakthrough in the development of a nasal spray for Parkinson’s disease treatment. Researchers from the University of York have developed a...

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