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A spotlight on MPS Austria

A spotlight on MPS Austria

Speaking to Health Europa, Michaela Weigl, the president of MPS Austria, discusses the society’s work to support people living with mucopolysaccharidoses and to raise...
The size of stomach of children with overweight on grey background

Can saliva biomarkers predict obesity in children?

Researchers have found a molecular marker in saliva that has been linked to childhood obesity in a group of preschool-aged Hispanic children. Research published in...
Concept photo treatment of liver diseases which are accompanied with jaundice. Anatomical liver figure lying on yellow background surrounded by white pills medicines that look like ornaments polka dot

The impact of late liver disease diagnosis on children is cause for concern

On Big Yellow Friday, we need to discuss the need for improvements to public awareness and earlier diagnoses of childhood liver disease. Patients and clinicians...
asian child suffering from stomachache and lying on bed

Children are more likely to have other allergies if they have FPIES

Researchers from CHOP have discovered that children with FPIES have a significantly higher chance of being diagnosed with other allergies The researchers from the Children's...
Digital composite of highlighted painful liver of woman / healthcare

New method found for measuring the treatment of rare liver disease in children

The study by UCLA researchers examines the role of the small molecule in children with a rare liver disease In a new study, the UCLA...
Bottles of cleansers, diapers and a phone in the nursery

Low cost diaper uses smart technology to notify caregivers when it’s wet

Researchers at MIT have developed a smart diaper embedded with a moisture sensor that can alert caregivers when it becomes wet. A wet diaper, for...
young mother breastfeeding her baby on couch

Human breast milk found to enhance cognitive development in babies

New research suggests that a carbohydrate found in breast milk is shown to affect a baby’s neurodevelopment Previous animal studies have shown that the carbohydrate,...
Upset lonely african kid girl holding teddy bear looking away

Children’s mental health funding not being used appropriately

New research by YoungMinds has revealed that funding for children’s mental health services are being diverted to other priorities Back in 2015, an extra £1.4...
Amish buggy with sunset

New hope for Amish families suffering from genetic disorders

Researchers at the University of Exeter have discovered 25 brand new genetic disorders that affect American Amish communities The Windows of Hope project, led by...
Funding to better understand craniopagus conjoined children

Funding to better understand craniopagus conjoined children

Charity, Gemini Untwined, has been launched to fund treatment and further our understanding of craniopagus conjoined children around the world. The surgeons behind the life-changing...
World Microbiome Day and dietary biotics in infant nutrition

World Microbiome Day and dietary biotics in infant nutrition

Today marks World Microbiome Day, here Nutricia and academic publisher Wiley present a new book to highlight the expanding role of dietary biotics in...
Child safety: personal care products sends children to emergency room

Child safety: personal care products sends children to emergency room

Did you know that every two hours a child is sent to the emergency room due to personal care products? Discover how dangerous products...

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