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B lymphocytes

Enhancing vaccine design with B lymphocytes discovery

Findings from a research study of B lymphocytes – otherwise known as B cells – may aid in advancing the design of future vaccines. The...

New communication discovered between human embryos and mother

A team of scientists based in the UK have identified an exciting new method in which human embryos interact with their mother-to-be. The team, comprised...
stroke recurrence

Potential risk of stroke recurrence predicted with Artificial Intelligence

Patients’ risk of suffering stroke recurrence can be precisely forecasted with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new study has suggested. A novel study...
cause of colon cancer

The use of antibiotics may be a cause of colon cancer

A team of Swedish researchers has identified that the use of antibiotics is a potential cause of colon cancer, exacerbating the risk of developing...

Foetal membranes repair themselves after injury, researchers demonstrate

New evidence that foetal membranes have the ability to heal themselves following injury could help to reduce the risk of birth complications. Led by Queen...
myogenic tone

Myogenic tone analysis uncovers mechanisms behind heart disease

The poor myogenic tone in micro-arteries may be a significant cause of unexplained heart disease, a new study has found. The research, led by Professor...
blood thinner medication

Blood thinner medication decreases mortality in COVID-19 patients

A study has found that implementing a full dose of a standard blood thinner medication can significantly reduce deaths in moderately ill hospitalised COVID-19...
metastatic melanoma

Optimising metastatic melanoma therapy by combining two treatments

A novel study has potentially revealed the most optimal strategy for combatting metastatic melanoma by combining chemotherapy and BRAF oncogene inhibitors. The study, conducted as...
metabolic disorders

Enhancing identification of metabolic disorders in newborns

A research team has developed an innovative method for identifying metabolic disorders in newborns, a considerable advancement on traditional methods. The Baylor College of Medicine...
prostate cancer treatment

New prostate cancer treatment prolongs patient life significantly

A team of international researchers have developed a novel prostate cancer treatment that effectively targets the disease and prolongs patient life. The new prostate cancer...
Cardiovascular disease

VAZKEPA® (icosapent ethyl): Revolutionising cardiovascular disease treatment

Dr. Craig Granowitz, the Chief Medical Officer of pharmaceutical company Amarin Corporation, speaks to Health Europa about the never-ending pandemic, the number one cause...
seasonal flu

Mathematical model predicts COVID-19 will become a seasonal flu

A new research project using mathematical models has indicated that COVID-19 may become merely a seasonal flu, inflicting mild symptoms. The investigation, led by scientists...
blood clots

Preventing paediatric blood clots with a new predictive model

A research team has developed a novel predictive model that analyses patient outcomes for paediatric blood clots, known as venous thromboembolisms (VTEs). In a study...
infection control practices

Employees influenced by workplace COVID-19 infection control practices

Employees are likely to continue following workplace COVID-19 infection control practices outside of work, new research has found. A study carried out by Washington State...
LDL cholesterol levels

LDL cholesterol levels increased by newly discovered cell mechanism

A team of researchers have identified a novel cellular mechanism that is responsible for increasing LDL cholesterol levels, enhancing the risk of heart attacks...
UK cystic fibrosis treatment achieves poorer outcomes than the US

UK cystic fibrosis treatment achieves poorer outcomes than the US

New research has indicated that children in the UK with cystic fibrosis (CF) have worse health outcomes than those in the US, signifying a...
machine learning

Identifying epigenetic drivers of cancer with machine learning

Scientists have developed an innovative machine learning technique that is able to identify the epigenetic drivers of cancers accurately. The study, published in Cancer Discovery,...
colon cancer

Correlation discovered between obesity-related colon cancer and inflammasomes

Evidence has emerged that the growth of obesity-related colon cancer is influenced by protein complexes called inflammasomes. New research, conducted by scientists from the University...
Alzheimer's disease

A novel radiation treatment may reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

A novel pilot study has indicated that implementing low doses of radiation can improve cognition and behaviour in people with Alzheimer’s disease. The research, conducted...

Novel bioprinting procedure may enhance craniofacial skin and bone repair

Researchers at Penn State University have successfully repaired craniofacial skin and bone by implementing bioprinting technology during surgery. The team, led by Ibrahim T. Ozbolat,...

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