Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Heat map of COVID-19 symptoms created by heath and data scientists

Heat map of COVID-19 symptoms created by heath and data scientists

A new, publicly available heat map of people with COVID-19 symptoms in the UK has been created by health and data scientists. Health and data...
Close Up Of Senior Woman Suffering With Parkinsons Diesease

Using AI and robots to safely treat hand tremors

Researchers have developed a machine learning model that allows robots to safely treat the hand tremors associated with neurodegenerative diseases. The research published in Scientific...
ortrait of young woman using laptop at cafe wearing face protective mask to prevent the coronavirus

The power of AI in providing rapid at-home assessments of the coronavirus

A new app will allow individuals to get an at-home risk assessment based on how they feel and be directed to the nearest testing...
emale doctor using digital tablet in clinic.

New strategic partnership to provide guidance on medical technology

NICE and Health Technology Wales will collaborate on the strategic planning and delivery over the assessment of medical technologies. The National Institute for Health and...
Medical technology concept. Electronic medical record.

How is AI and machine learning benefiting the healthcare industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are rapidly revolutionising the medical industry around the world. In order to help build increasingly effective care pathways...
A man not able to get to sleep because of sleep disorder

AI and sleep disorders: enhancing diagnosis and treatment

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, artificial intelligence has the potential to improve efficiencies and precision in sleep medicine. The new position statement...
Bottles of cleansers, diapers and a phone in the nursery

Low cost diaper uses smart technology to notify caregivers when it’s wet

Researchers at MIT have developed a smart diaper embedded with a moisture sensor that can alert caregivers when it becomes wet. A wet diaper, for...
Brother project

The BRoTHER project: promoting digitalisation in biobanking research

Improving personalised medicine by increasing digitalisation throughout the field of biobanking research, we present to you our partner brochure with: BRoTHER Biobanking is used in...
Abstract luminous DNA molecule. Doctor using tablet and check with analysis chromosome DNA genetic of human on virtual interface. Medicine. Medical science and biotechnology.

A new evaluation service for teams building digital health products

Harnessing technology to reduce inequality, influence positive social change, and solve complex public health problems is no easy task; but could Public Health England...
Human Circulatory System Anatomy

AI capable of accurately measuring stroke and heart attacks

Research led by UCL and Barts Health NHS Trust has revealed that, for the first time, AI has been used to instantly and accurately...
Skin cancer graphic of what happens under the skin

Study shows results from skin cancer diagnosis apps can’t be trusted

A new study from the University of Birmingham, reveals smartphone apps used to as ‘early warning systems’ for skin cancer are poorly regulated and...
girl texting on her mobile phone

Wellbeing experts offer mental health support through text therapy sessions

Concern, a leading workplace wellbeing solutions provider, have combined forces with Talkspace online therapy Concern distinguishes itself through its unique approach of integrating partners like...

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