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How smart monitoring technologies and AI optimise patient safety

How smart monitoring technologies and AI optimise patient safety

How smart monitoring technologies and AI help healthcare professionals predict adverse outcomes before they happen in the perioperative care pathway. In Europe, 2.4 million patients...
From allergy vaccines to COVID-19 Nabs with Angany Inc

From allergy vaccines to COVID-19 Nabs with Angany Inc

Angany Inc is an emerging Franco-Canadian pharmaceutical company which aims to bring new hope to people suffering from allergies. The word ‘angani’ means ‘open horizons’...
Hope for rare disease patients: an approach to funding gene therapy

Hope for rare disease patients: an approach to funding gene therapy

Roger Johansson, Vice President and General Manager – Northern Europe with the global biopharmaceutical company PTC Therapeutics, discusses the need to establish an environment...
human waste disposal

Simpler human waste disposal to improve infection risks

As infection prevention teams map their sites’ cross-infection pathways, Haigh and others help to simplify the waste disposal process.
antimicrobial printing

Antimicrobial printing: protection through print

Bodee antimicrobial printing closes gaps in touchpoint safety by strengthening the layers of protection for indoor spaces. No single measure is sufficient to create a...

Specialist in cryo-storage solutions

Sample storage solutions supplier TENAK delivers optimum cryo-storage for the global market. Storing samples at ultra-low temperatures is not always as straightforward as you might...
balance neurological health

Finding a balance in neurological health treatment

Ainone’s novel balance measuring device could revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of concussion, dementia, and other neurological health issues. Within the neurological system, there are...
UVC ultrasound probe disinfection

Germitec: UVC high-level disinfection technology for ultrasound probes

Germitec’s Hypernova Chronos UVC system is ‘light years ahead’ as the only chemical-free solution for ultrasound probe disinfection. Backed by more than 15 years of...

XPhyto: Is mescaline the next big mood-modifying medicine?

Mescaline has the potential to be the next frontier in the psychedelics renaissance and represents an unprecedented opportunity to innovate a notable advancement in...
vaccine storage

Nordic Lab: unique, compact, ultra-low temperature vaccine storage

Denmark’s Nordic Lab is a global provider of innovative freezers for low-temperature vaccine storage. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new demand for cold storage...
Mental health management

Grasp: mental health management with a diary without words

Grasp’s innovative mental health self-management device helps patients understand their symptoms and could provide a sustainable solution to overwhelmed healthcare providers. Grasp AS is a...
infection control

Improving infection control through safer healthcare spaces

Water control specialist Rada’s new generation of digital taps for healthcare is setting new standards in infection control to help improve patient outcomes. The importance...
personalised cannabis medicine

Medical cannabis care in the era of personalised medicine

In the post-COVID-19 era, now more than ever, patients are critical of the healthcare they receive. Yaron Gissin, Chief Innovation Officer of the Sade...

Breaking the paradigm: a new approach to wound care

Biomed therapeutics company Nanomedic Technologies Ltd offers an innovative new method of wound care and treatment. Wound care therapy is a vast market which accounts...
uv air disinfection

Understanding air filtration and UV disinfection in a medical environment

Sanuvox Technologies founder Normand Brais explains why UV purification is the most effective air disinfection method for medical, commercial and residential environments. Evidence has accumulated...
antibacterial wipes

Speed, ease, and expertise: the only antibacterial wipes you need

Uniwipe offers the next generation of antibacterial wipes with the highest standards of protection from infection. Uniwipe was founded two decades ago to produce the...
Hygiene, sanitisation, and social responsibility during COVID-19

Hygiene, sanitisation, and social responsibility

Zidac Laboratories delivers advanced, high-quality antibacterial and sanitising products to aid in the fight against COVID-19. UK-based manufacturer Zidac Laboratories, which delivers advanced, high-quality personal...
Ultracold storage to accelerate medical innovation

Ultracold storage to accelerate medical innovation

Investment in ultra-low temperature freezers for COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration is readying the world for a new wave of medicine. As recently observed in...
Connect to the best wearable devices using the healthR Platform

Connect to the best wearable devices using the healthR Platform

healthR founders Akaash Singh and Jas Singh demonstrate how data gathered using wearable devices can drive meaningful and actionable insights. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused...

How to select the most hygienic and flexible hospital privacy screens

Hospital screens must be extremely hygienic to avoid infection spread. Dag Göranson, President of Silentia AB, explains which important product features you should ask about...

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