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The use of antibiotics may be a cause of colon cancer

A team of Swedish researchers has identified that the use of antibiotics is a potential cause of colon cancer, exacerbating the risk of developing...
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Colorectal cancer cases linked to red meat and poor education

A high red meat intake and poor education have been linked to an increase in colorectal cancer cases, a study has found. A new paper...
New mechanisms discovered in identification of cancer growth

New mechanisms discovered in identification of cancer growth

A team of researchers have discovered new mechanisms which help to understand the growth and treatment of colorectal cancer. As part of a Cancer Research...
Girl suffering with UC

Ulcerative Colitis: best treatment practices revealed

New AGA guidelines, published in Gastroenterology, suggest the best treatment practices for the optimum care of patients with moderate to severe UC Ulcerative colitis (UC)...
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Colorectal and pancreatic cancer on the rise worldwide

Incidence rates for colorectal cancer and fatality rates for pancreatic cancer have both increased by around 10% worldwide since 1990 Incidence rates for colorectal cancer...

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