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Discover how remote patient monitoring can transform healthcare systems

Discover how remote patient monitoring can transform healthcare systems

Healthcare systems are undergoing rapid changes in light of the current pandemic, and Medisanté are finding solutions to patient care through telehealth and remote...
The size of stomach of children with overweight on grey background

Can saliva biomarkers predict obesity in children?

Researchers have found a molecular marker in saliva that has been linked to childhood obesity in a group of preschool-aged Hispanic children. Research published in...
A man not able to get to sleep because of sleep disorder

AI and sleep disorders: enhancing diagnosis and treatment

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, artificial intelligence has the potential to improve efficiencies and precision in sleep medicine. The new position statement...
Did you know that the market for blood glucose monitoring is expected to rise?

Did you know that the market for blood glucose monitoring is expected to rise?

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the blood glucose monitoring system market is forecasted to increase from $13.9bn in 2018 to an estimated value...
Austrian MPS Society

Living with mucopolysaccharidoses: support, awareness and research

Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) is a group of rare, inherited, incurable metabolic diseases caused by disorders in the metabolism, in this eBook the Austrian MPS Society...
Transparent condom placed on banana. concept of sexual protection

Having more than ten sexual partners could increase the risk of cancer

According to research published in BMJ Journal of Sexual & Reproductive Health people who have a history of more than 10 sexual partners is...
Human Circulatory System Anatomy

AI capable of accurately measuring stroke and heart attacks

Research led by UCL and Barts Health NHS Trust has revealed that, for the first time, AI has been used to instantly and accurately...

Are you suffering from chest pain? Yoga might be the answer

When the allopathic approach towards certain conditions ceases to make you feel better, the ancient Indian practice of yoga may help to treat costochondritis Guest...
Depression conception using paper

Scientists discover new biochemical indication of early-stage depression

A new study from the Fujita Health University reveals high levels of anthranilic acid in blood are at increased risk of developing Major Depressive...
men drinking pints of beer outside

Alcohol and the NHS is a “ticking time bomb about to explode”

Alcohol related hospital admissions are at a record number and according to experts, is crippling the NHS According to an NHS report, in 2018 a...
doctors showing insulin pen to child and mother

Children with type 1 diabetes display irregular brain function

Study reveals that the default mode network in children with Type 1 diabetes does not switch off when focusing on a task A study led...
turmeric in a bowl

Painkiller alternative: is turmeric the answer for arthritis?

New research highlights that arthritis sufferers are looking for alternatives to painkillers and turmeric could be the answer There are nearly ten million brits that...

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