Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Alternative therapies could reduce antibiotic resistance

Alternative therapies could reduce antibiotic resistance

US researchers have said that new treatments for mild infections could help slow the mutation of severe bacterial infections with less antibiotic resistance. In a...
Antibiotic resistance: ‘Sleeping’ bacteria identified

Antibiotic resistance: ‘Sleeping’ bacteria identified

‘Sleeper cells’, which can survive doses of antibiotics and lie resting in a dormant state, may hold a key to understanding antibiotic resistance, research...
Fig. 1: Interaction between microbial communities from different environments affects the mobilome composition and antibiotic resistance gene reservoir © University of Münster

The evolution and spread of antibiotic resistance: A call for more holistic analyses

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria already existed in the environment before antibiotics were used in human medicine.1 Besides promoting the development of new resistance traits, the way...

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