Striving for brilliance in hemp extracts, responsibly and ethically

Striving for brilliance in hemp extracts, responsibly and ethically

European Hemp Company offers premium, ethically produced hemp products to an exceptionally high standard.

European Hemp company started with a single idea: to create the best possible hemp extract, ethically and responsibly, to be used in a myriad of beneficial applications; and thus to improve the wellbeing of our planet’s residents. By deploying a unique combination of the best possible resources and ingredients; almost 20 years of knowledge of herbal medicine and the cannabis plant; and a passion for the environment, a special kind of product is born – a product which is lovingly produced with the consumer at the forefront of our mind.

Since being established in 2018, European Hemp Company has been providing premium hemp products to the world; and it has no plans to stop anytime soon. Having entered the market running, European Hemp Company is now a respected member of the European hemp and CBD industry and offers an extensive range of products which have been fully tested and certified. As a fully licensed seller of hemp and CBD products manufactured in the UK, all our customers are guaranteed the best possible quality and a high standard of consistency.

Cultivation, manufacturing and production

With a product range based around exceptional quality European and American hemp, grown by experts who understand the importance of a clean finished product, European Hemp’s key focus is on developing and cultivating wild and heirloom strains for unusual cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Our expert team aims to manufacture and distribute the cleanest, highest quality extracts available, to anywhere in the world. Our finest organic hemp products are cultivated and harvested by a team of professionals, before being put through an advanced CO2 extraction process and molecular distillation to ensure an unparalleled hemp extract and CBD oil.

European Hemp Company has stepped out of the box, pushed boundaries, and is constantly formulating new ways of utilising this amazing plant. Now the company is going global.

Over the years, the founders have developed a network of cannabis professionals, all with innovative ideas and a passion to push research into hemp and cannabis in a new direction. The passion and commitment to unity displayed by every single person within the company creates a solid and transparent supply chain, which again ensures quality – but at a fair price for all, especially the end user. Our products are up to 60% cheaper than the leading brand and adhere to higher quality standards than those imposed by industry bodies.

This is what happens when the supply chain unites with the dual values of transparency and love for the earth, its plants and all its inhabitants. Access to authentic hemp extracts the way nature intended has never been easier or sweeter.

Saving people, saving the planet

Sustainability has never been more important to the global community. As a society, humans have abused our planet and its contents; and now we are facing the cost of our actions as the planet heats up and animal and plant species die. Hemp draws more carbon dioxide from the air than most other crops – one hectare of industrial hemp is capable of absorbing around 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide – and this means that the more hemp that is planted, the cleaner our air is.

In addition to its environmental benefits, hemp has a broad array of applications, with use cases including:

  • Hemp oil and seeds are a well-documented ‘superfood’, containing essential fatty acids as well as several essential vitamins and minerals;
  • Hemp fabric is soft and sturdy; and has been produced around the world for centuries;
  • The strength and insulating properties of hemp have led to its use in ‘hempcrete’, a building material made with hemp and lime; and
  • Due to its extensive root system, hemp is particularly effective as a ‘mop crop’, which can be planted to clean harmful contaminants and impurities from soil and wastewater: most notably, hemp has been planted in Chernobyl to decontaminate the surrounding soil of radioisotopes and toxic residues.

Economic productivity, environmental recovery and our own health could all be facilitated by having more hemp in our lives.

European Hemp Company provides a carefully selected range of the finest quality hemp and CBD products, many of which contain CBD oil extracted from heirloom hemp plants grown by some of the world’s most attentive and experienced hemp farmers. Once our scientifically perfect extraction process is added into the equation, the result is the best hemp products available.

Graham Jevon
European Hemp Company

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