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How Canncas is seizing the cannabis drying market

Canncas is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures curing, drying, and material handling solutions for cannabis producers

While producing end-to-end solutions including trays and pans, racks, and curing and drying systems they have helped customers to increase production and operate more efficiently. The Canncas value lies in its engineering and consultation services followed by producing stainless-steel, competitively priced and fit-for purpose products.

Canncas has a passion for helping their customers find the very best solutions for their operations

With years of experience in design and production of commercial and industrial drying and handling systems, their engineering experts can help create a high-quality solution for any need or capacity.

As the needs of the industry evolve, Canncas is constantly adapting and finding new ways to serve the marketplace. The Canncas Utility Wall is an innovative solution for growing needs and is designed for grow racks to roll in and out with ease. When a rack of newly propagated plants is wheeled in, each rack level has access to its own LED lighting, irrigation supply with drain, as well as gentle adjustable air flow for plant health. This utility wall can be configured single or double sided all in an effort to maximise grow space within the facility and, is manufactured using stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance insuring the longevity that is required for the industry.

All Canncas products are proudly made in Canada and their state-of-the-art and customisable equipment has already helped transform cannabis curing and drying operations around the world. They work with and ship to clients all over North America and Europe.

If you are a cannabis producer in search of improving your production and utilising uniquely designed and engineered, high-quality equipment, contact Canncas at


• Creating customized solutions for cannabis producers for product curing and drying
• Production facility design and layout consulting
• Production efficiency and growth


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