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Saving lives in choking emergencies with LifeVac Europe

LifeVac Europe Limited: leading the way in airway clearance device technology and saving lives when all else fails.

LifeVac Europe is a family operated business with distributors across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa – with one goal – to eradicate choking deaths.

LifeVac is an innovative non-invasive airway clearance device that has been designed to enable suction used in Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Immediate Life Support (ILS) to the normal everyday person, to save lives in a choking emergency when choking Basic life Support (BLS) fails. The use of suction to help dislodge a foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO) has been around for many years in ALS and ILS protocol and used by paramedics around the world, so everyone already knows that suction works to help dislodge a FBAO.

However, these suction devices/machines have tubes which can become blocked rendering the equipment useless if only part of the obstruction has been removed. There is also a high risk of tubes pushing the tongue back in a panic situation or tearing of the lingual frenulum causing oral damage further complicating the already panicked situation.

Saving lives in choking emergencies with LifeVac Europe

With two sonic welded discs for interchangeable sized masks, one LifeVac device can be used for all age groups by simply changing out the mask. LifeVac has a patented one-way valve system which means when applied no air can be forced through the mask, only through the second vented disc. When pulled the valve closes, which generates over 326 mmHg of suction, safely and effectively dislodging the obstruction. LifeVac has translucent bellows which allow the rescuer to see if the obstruction has been removed and entered this area or the mask.

LifeVac is the only non-invasive airway clearance device and only airway clearance device with independent medical testing, peer reviewed medical publications, and medical abstracts proving lives saved, effectiveness, and, most importantly, safety.

LifeVac saved its first life in 2016, in Wales, UK. Since then, we have saved over 100 lives ranging from 11 months old to 96 years of age, all when BLS has failed or cannot be performed. LifeVac has dislodged full and partial obstructions which have been foods and other materials ranging from meat, sandwiches, porridge, yoghurt, phlegm, grapes, sweets, hard plastic, leaves, and coins.

LifeVac created the airway clearance device market and are proud to lead the way in changing the guidance around choking.


Working with care homes, nursing homes, schools, EMS, industrial sector, healthcare sector and retail sector we have built our reputation to become the airway clearance device that people can trust in a choking emergency when seconds count and all else fails.

LifeVac started with one simple to use “standard” kit but has changed along the way, now offering different options such as a wall a mounted kit, a travel kit, and an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) kit.

The LifeVac story

LifeVac was invented by Arthur Lih, who heard about parents in hospital who were devastated after losing their child from choking on a grape. There was nothing the doctors could do to remove the grape. Being a dedicated father, he went away, adamant this would not happen to his daughter, who was a miracle to conceive. After 18 months of trial-and-error LifeVac was created and was then vigorously and independently tested to become US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) registered, and Conformité Européenne (CE) accredited. LifeVac is registered within every country sold.

LifeVac can be used when someone is sitting, standing, or laying down, it can even be self-applied.

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