British, German researchers unite against cardiovascular disease

British, German researchers unite against cardiovascular disease

A new €12m partnership has been announced between the German Centre for Cardiovascular Disease (DZHK) and the British Heart Foundation (BHF), to fund groundbreaking research.

The two organisations have joined forces to create an award scheme to fund research projects across international borders, tackling new and globally important questions about cardiovascular disease.

This exciting collaboration aims to highlight the benefits of international research partnerships during ongoing negotiations regarding the UK’s departure from the EU.

What is the scheme’s focus?

The focus of the €12m joint scheme is on projects aimed to improve diagnosis, prevention or treatment. It hopes to fund innovative projects that could cover several disciplines, from biochemistry and medicine to data science and artificial intelligence.

The scheme will provide research funding of up to €4m every year over three years, with up to €2m to be spent in each country.

Professor Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, said: “Many of the researchers we fund already work with scientists right across Europe.

“At a time when our relationship with the EU is being redefined, it’s critical that we have a clear vision of how we’ll continue to foster this kind of collaborative environment. That is what makes this such an exciting partnership.

“The scientists funded by the BHF and the DZHK carry out world-class research and have a shared vision of beating cardiovascular disease.

“By enabling them to combine their expertise, we want to elevate both the scope and impact of the research discoveries that arise to a whole new level and ultimately improve the way we can diagnose and treat heart patients.”

Strengthening scientific ties

Professor Thomas Eschenhagen, chairman of the DZHK, concluded: “We are very excited by this new joint funding scheme. It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the firm ties between British and German cardiovascular scientists in times of centrifugal forces and do things we couldn´t do at the respective national level.

“It is a signal that science reaches beyond national borders – as does cardiovascular disease. We need new ways to fight cardiovascular disease and believe that the BHF/DZHK funding scheme could make a difference.”

Source: DZHK


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