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PillTime: the digital pharmacy using robotic technology

Discover the world of PillTime, the digital pharmacy that uses robotic technology to improve medication management in community and healthcare settings.

When organising a lot of medication, it can be easy to make mistakes. A 2018 report by the Department of Health and Social Care estimated that 237 million medication errors occur every year. However, modern dispensing technology removes the risk of human error to ensure that medication is accurate.

PillTime harnesses the latest robotic technology to dispense medication into clearly labelled, dose-specific pouches. The robots are programmed to follow the prescription instructions, as advised by the patient’s doctor. These tailored pouches are dispensed on a roll, in the order they need to be taken, so it’s easy to see exactly what needs to be taken and when.

PillTme, the digital pharmacy

Better patient health: PillTime pouches makes it simple for patients to manage their medication. This helps keep people healthy, which reduces NHS costs of avoidable treatment and hospital admissions.

Medication accuracy: medication errors cost the NHS an estimated £300 million (~€335 million) a year. PillTime’s unique process improves medication accuracy and reduces costly dispensing errors.

No extra NHS costs: PillTime provides their additional services at no extra cost to the NHS.

How effective is the digital pharmacy?

Medication accuracy is strengthened by a rigorous checking process. Here, PillTime uses optical recognition technology to scan each pouch for accuracy. Images are stored for pharmacists to refer to, as necessary. This reduces the risk of medication errors by limiting the opportunity for human error.

PillTime provides mediation to thousands of patients throughout the UK, to help them better manage their medication. PillTime also works with healthcare professionals to improve the prescription process.

A recent trial with Salford Royal Hospital proved the PillTime pouches to be invaluable to nursing staff. On average, each nurse saved 87 minutes a day by using the PillTime method; reporting swifter identity checking, improved patient care and a calmer working environment.

  • Pharmacy automation
  • Medication management
  • Healthcare technology
  • Innovation in pharmacy operative technology
  • Automation in pharmacy processes
  • Industry advancements in patient adherence

Profile published in Health Europa quarterly, issue 10

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