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Introducing pikkerton, the revolutionary electronics company

Pikkerton GmbH are a Berlin-based, owner-operated electronics company founded in 2004. The company has been developing, designing, producing and selling electronic equipment and systems for many years.

The Berlin-based sensor and IT expert Pikkerton is a medium-sized and owner-managed electronics company with excellent development expertise and directly connected electronics manufacturing and device construction. The guarantee of their success is the long-term and partnership-based cooperation with customers and suppliers, focused on the common success.

pikkerton is entrepreneurial. What counts are excellent results and satisfied customers. The economic success of their customers is as crucial to the company as their own. This goal is achieved through analytically sound, creative and detail-oriented, hard work.

The importance of quality at Pikkerton

Quality in Pikkerton means consistent fulfilment of all customer requirements. Accordingly, their quality policy applies.

Profitability and quality are top principles and therefore the basis for a stable market presence and secure jobs. Achieving customer satisfaction is Pikkerton’s most important duty. It can only be realised through consistent contract loyalty and innovative problem solutions.

Moreover, the warrantor of success is the long-term and fair cooperation with customers and suppliers, aligned to create mutual success.

Pikkerton not only is, but also acts entrepreneurial. Excellent solutions and results as well as satisfied customers are the main values to achieve and to retain. The company’s success is as important as the success of their customers.

The electronics company with revolutionary products

Pikkerton have been developing, designing, producing and selling electronic equipment and systems for many years and involved in radio-based sensor systems in various markets such as Smart Energy / Smart Grid, industrial monitoring and systems for the so-called Active Assisted Living (AAL) market since 2007.

Active Assisted Living means electronic assistance systems in the main for elderly people. The aim of these systems is to enable parents and grandparents to live in their familiar surroundings for longer and more safely.

Based on AAL market experience since 2007, pikkerton has developed many products such as the multiple award-winning intelligent fall detector sensor.


  • Development & Sales of Sensor & Low Power Radio Network Assemblies for various wireless technologies (ZigBee, wireless M-Bus, BT / BLE, GSM, 2G, 3G, LTE, 868/869 MHz);
  • Development of sensors for AAL applications (electronic assistance systems), in particular non-contact fall detection systems;
  • Construction and operation of sensor networks with and without gateways, connections to cloud or local platforms;
  • Contract development and production of electronic devices and systems; and
  • Consulting, conceptual design, supply of IT systems, production of customised computers for industrial use.
  • Terminals, routers / repeaters and gateways for radio and sensor networks;
  • 169 MHz, 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz;
  • Wireless M-Bus, LoRa, Bluetooth / BLE, WiFi, ZigBee, 802.15.4;
  • Gateways / controllers ARM-based (zBiMX6, Cortex M3, M4, M7) incl. Linux & RTOS integration, driver development etc.;
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP);
  • Reconfigurable logic (FPGA); and
  • Remote monitoring / remote management.

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