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Pharmacovigilance and life sciences services, brought to you by ProPharma Group

While covering six continents with their pharmacovigilance services, ProPharma Group are exceptionally committed to the safety of patients.

ProPharma Group is an industry leader providing life science consulting, medical information, regulatory affairs, and pharmacovigilance services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries, and more recently medical cannabis development.

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Operating around the world with offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States, ProPharma Group offers globally appropriate and customised services to suit the needs of the customers. Here, we learn more about the array of pharmacovigilance and life sciences services the company provides.

Multi-disciplinary, knowledge-driven approach

Thanks to their multi-disciplinary, knowledge-driven approach, ProPharma Group deliver a comprehensive suite of pharmacovigilance services to the life sciences industry and are the only global single source provider for pharmacovigilance, medical information, regulatory affairs and life science consulting services.

The company builds successful long-term relationships with clients by providing leading industry knowledge, experience, and proven processes. Moreover, while covering six continents, ProPharma Group is working with more than 1,200 employed specialists who are truly committed to global patients’ safety.

Customised service to customers

ProPharma Group has successfully completed thousands of national and international assignments for start-ups as well as for large, established multinational companies and organisations. ProPharma Group can provide the appropriate and customised service to customers for local projects on a regional level, but also to easily roll out their services for global projects on an inter-continental level.

A message from ProPharma Group

ProPharma Group partners with life science companies to solve their complex challenges. As an extension of your team, we care about not only the progression of your products through the development lifecycle, but also the safety of your products and the patients who use them.
Our staff has an array of expertise to expand your capacity and capabilities and draws from their vast knowledge base to custom tailor solutions unique to your project needs.

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  • Life science consulting;
  • Compliance and quality assurance;
  • Life science consulting;
  • Compliance and quality assurance;
  • Commissioning, qualification, & validation;
  • Product management;
  • Engineering;
  • Pharmacovigilance;
  • Clinical safety;
  • Post marketing;
  • Regulatory affairs;
  • Pre-approval/pre-clinical;
  • Post approval;
  • Medical information;
  • Contact centre services; and
  • Medical writing.
  • Pharmacovigilance;
  • Life science consulting;
  • Regulatory affairs; and
  • Medical information;

Article in Medical Cannabis Network – Issue 1

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