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Pharmaceutical and healthcare products sourced and distributed by Anspec

Meet a key Australian supplier of pharmaceutical medical, dental, consumable and healthcare products to wholesalers, distributors, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics across Australia and International Markets.

Anspec works as a specialised wholesaler of healthcare products and equipment including all schedules of pharmaceuticals for both export and the Australian domestic market. Anspec supply pharmaceutical, medical, dental, and healthcare products and associated services to medical, Government and industrial clients. Anspec is also one of the largest distributors of medicinal cannabis in Australia.

Want to know more about the burgeoning landscape of the medicinal cannabis industry in Australia and Anspec’s role in its growth? Keep reading to find out more.

Anspec’s capabilities

For more than 25 years, Anspec has been a major supplier of medical and pharmaceutical products to the Pacific region and has maintained close relationships with both government and private healthcare clients, leveraging and optimising relationships with quality suppliers and quality products. We deliver pharmaceuticals and medical products/equipment from our Sydney warehouse all across metro and regional Australia and to 35+ countries worldwide.

Anspec occupies a large fenced, secure site in north-west Sydney with a barcoded and semi-automated warehouse that delivers reliable, agile and responsive services to our customers. Our quality standards to ISO 9001:2015 and the GWP status of our warehouse with Schedule 8 safe, cold chain and Schedule 4D areas, deliver a peace of mind to our suppliers for whom quality and reliability are basic requirements.

For almost three decades we have been in the business of importing and exporting pharmaceuticals, especially for compassionate access, shortage supply and for developing nations. For 12 of those years we were the prime vendor for pharmaceuticals and health products to Australian Defence Forces.

Now, our expertise in the industry, compliance with TGA and NSW Health, security and extensive licensing have ensured that Anspec is perfectly placed to support the Australian government(s) in their ambition to increase access to medicinal cannabis for Australian doctors, pharmacists and, most importantly, patients. Anspec has grown to become one of the leading importers and distributors of medicinal cannabis products for Special Access Scheme, Authorised Prescribers and clinical trials in Australia and has relationships and partnerships in the medicinal cannabis industry that stretch across Australia, Canada, North America, Europe and beyond.

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  • Licensed to import, export and tranship products nationally and internationally
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited, GWP compliant and involvement with GMP
  • Manage validated shipments of pharmaceutical and medical products into the Pacific Region and support jurisdictions across Asia, Middle East and beyond for specialised medicines supply
  • Anspec has the ability to conduct recalls and report adverse events from multiple regions
  • Licensed to wholesale as well as store and distribute controlled substances (up to Schedule 8) internationally
  • TGA Pharmaceutically approved, temperature-controlled, secure warehouse and supply chain including cold chain products
  • Financial resources and proven capability to support supply of product across Australasia, the Pacific islands, Middle East and beyond
  • Key importer and distributor of medicinal cannabis products with global relationships

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