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NNE is bringing end-to-end services tailored to pharma engineering

Helping pharmaceutical companies bring products to market, meet NNE, the international company specialised in pharma engineering.

Unlike other engineering firms, NNE ‘s services are tailored to the highly GMP-regulated pharmaceutical industry. NNE calls this focused pharma engineering. The company supports the entire pharma manufacturing lifecycle from setting direction, realising benefits of strategic investments and optimising manufacturing and business processes.

NNE help customers from manufacturing development to manufacturing transformation, implementation of pharma organisational change management and optimisation. The company has the goal of helping customers achieve and maintain optimal GMP manufacturing and bring products to market.

So, what is their involvement in the world of cannabis?

After spending time to search and identify new business opportunities, NNE made a strategic choice and established an agile cannabis team that advises businesses in the development and investment phase ahead of the decision to build a facility for growing, producing and distributing cannabis. According to Jesper Kløve, CEO of NNE, it was a ‘disruption from within’.

“Our cannabis team operates with a new approach in relation to our classical modus operandi. With this new team, NNE provides consulting from cradle to grave. We identify the client’s commercial basis and participate in investor meetings as advisors. If a company then decides to invest in a cannabis project, we can help establish the business.”

Here we learn more…

NNE’s cannabis team – a global wingman with local insights

NNE is your one stop shop. We support you all the way from idea to ongoing operation by:

  • Providing regulatory support and counselling throughout the life cycle;
  • Putting a qualified person at your disposal; and
  • Engineering your facility with right GACP/GMP balance.

Agile investment

Financing is often stepwise. We help you achieve agility in your investment while maintaining progress by:

  • Balancing level between costs and investment;
  • Aiding return of investment in a few years’ time; and
  • Applying the right QC level.

Balance GACP/GMP

Proper quality is licence to operate. We support you establishing patient safety and being in compliance by:

  • Providing knowhow of and right balance between GACP & GMP; and
  • Applying Quality by Design to achieve better process understanding and higher flexibility of commercial process.

Time to market is essential

We support you achieving first mover advantage by:

  • Offering counselling for a range of drug products (oral solid dosage, liquid formulation, herbal substance); and
  • Building quality into process, objective and testable specification allowing tech transfer to other parts of the world.

Life cycle management

Controlled processes and consistent production are key for output. We help you maximise output while driving down cost by:

  • Optimising by e.g. replacing manual labour with automated processes; and
  • Supporting quality mindset (training & education).

Curious about NNE?

Stay tuned to our website for more coverage regarding focused pharma engineering and NNE’s contribution to the cannabis industry.


If you want to know more about NNE, discover the company here: https://www.nne.com/

  • Agile investment;
  • Consulting;
  • Life cycle management; and
  • Optimising manufacturing and business processes.
  • Development and investment; and
  • Pharma engineering.

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