Manufacturer Always Pure Organics provides a trusted CBD supply chain

Always Pure Organics is the largest independent regulated CBD manufacturer in Europe, supplying Europe, the UK, and Japan.

The cannabis industry is set to eclipse the global music sector by the end of 2021, and Always Pure Organics is leading the way with its trusted cannabis supply chain from seed to shelf.

Always Pure Organics is committed to supplying the industry with high quality CBD products, service, and delivery, with a focus on global understanding and education. Its wide range of ‘Ready to Sell’ CBD products, white labelling services, and bespoke formulation make the company a leading supplier in the industry.

A trusted supply chain of high-quality products

Always Pure Organics have supplied 280 million daily doses of CBD globally since inception in 2018. It has a solid and highly respected network of distributors, retailers, and brands now working with over 450 clients worldwide, and its commitment to quality and passion form the driving force behind its work.

As well as bespoke formulations, it offers the highest quality wholesale legal cannabis and cannabinoid (CBD) products as bulk ingredients, bulk products, and white label, coupled with regulatory and legal expertise.

Regulatory compliance

With the ever-changing legislation governing the sale of cannabis products, Always Pure Organics gives its clients confidence that their products fulfil the market requirement.

Cosmetics, food supplements and medicinal products all require their own registration process and are subject to separate EU regulations that govern their trade, and any company wishing to work in the legal cannabis industry in the UK must comply with the Misuse of Drugs Act 2005. As of April 2021, all CBD food products that are to be sold in the UK must also be included on a valid Novel Foods application.

To help clients navigate this complex legal landscape, Always Pure Organics has a strong relationship with FERA and a deep knowledge of regulations which has allowed it to work within the law effectively and efficiently, and has compiled a comprehensive dossier that demonstrates the safety of its products, which was submitted to the Food Standards Agency in early 2021.

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