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Innovative drug delivery devices to increase the quality of life of diabetic patients

Ypsomed’s innovative mylife Diabetescare offers patients, pharmacies, and clinics access to high-quality, and reliable drug delivery devices for those living with diabetes.

Ypsomed creates drug delivery devices , autoinjectors, and infusion systems to administer liquid drugs. The Switzerland-based company promotes and sells its product portfolio under the umbrella brands, mylife Diabetescare directly to patients or through pharmacies and clinics, and under YDS Ypsomed Delivery Systems as business-to-business to pharmaceutical companies.

Ypsomed markets innovative, high-quality, and reliable products and services which allow patients to administer their own medication in a safe and simple way. With injection and infusion systems and related services, Ypsomed helps millions of people, most of them diabetics, to enjoy the best possible quality of life. The company develops and produces custom-made injection systems. It also manufactures compatible pen needles with a unique click-on function for its own and all other widely available pens. The range incudes: simple disposable pens, pens with variable dosing and electronic displays, and highly complex injectors with multifunctional electronics.

mylife Diabetescare

mylife Diabetescare is the name of Ypsomed’s range of products and services for people with diabetes. It provides them with everything they need for reliable and simple self-treatment, giving them more freedom and flexibility in their lives.

Ypsomed Delivery Systems

Ypsomed Delivery Systems provides a complete range of technologies and services for reliable and user-friendly injection systems for self-medication. From technical development and design to manufacturing and packaging, Ypsomed makes a crucial contribution to the safety and market success of the products. Our customers are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that develop, manufacture and market injectable therapies.

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