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Heliospectra: Intelligent lighting solutions to elevate any growth facility.

Meet Heliospectra, the intelligent lighting solutions company with over a decade’s worth of experience in researching plants and their relationship with light.

Founded over 13 years ago, Heliospectra is a global leader in intelligent lighting solutions for greenhouse and controlled plant environments. With over a decade’s worth of experience in researching plants and their relationship with light, our solutions are backed by years of knowledge and expertise. This coupled with our drive for innovation is the reason we’re able to consistently create products which empower growers to improve quality, increase yields, accelerate harvests, and control consistency.

Discover our intelligent lighting solutions

Our product family has been designed to maximise sustainability and flexibility for growers, thus aiding in creating new ways in which crops can be cultivated.  Our ELIXIA platform is the perfect solution for growers seeking maximum flexibility, featuring adjustable wavelengths giving growers the chance to modify strains and medicinal profiles by adjusting THC and CBD levels.

Our SIERA light bars are perfect for growers looking to grow in vertical set-ups, available in 5 different spectral variants, and built to be simple, flexible, and easy to use, SIERA is at home in any vertical environment.

The latest addition to our product family – MITRA is any growers dream come true. Capable of delivering high intensity light (up to 2.9 µmols/J), MITRA is the ideal platform for growers seeking to maximise yields. Soon to be available in 3 different spectral variations and featuring a modular design that works equally well indoors, or in greenhouses, MITRA is the perfect tool for any operation.

Our innovative helioCORE control system transforms our lights, giving growers the ability to fully automate their lighting through scheduling tools, as well as our on-target and DLI controller modules.

The Total Solutions Approach

By combining our lighting portfolio and control system with our helioCARE suite of services our goal is to provide our customers with total solutions for their installations. From light planning, to spectrum optimisation, or even staff training, our goal is be with growers each step of the way.


For more information on Heliospectra AB please visit:

  • LED lighting solutions for indoor, greenhouse and vertical environments
  • LED lighting control and automation software
  • Cutting edge plant and light research
  • Technical service solutions for horticultural applications.
  • Spectrum control and light quality to promote better growing conditions
  • Sensor development for automation functions
  • Light Fluctuation
  • Dynamic Spectrums
  • Pulsing Light

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