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Handpicked Jobs: Europe’s cannabis-specific recruitment platform

Presenting Handpicked Jobs, the platform that is bringing a professional recruiting service to an industry that is growing rapidly.

Helping to build Europe’s legal cannabis industry by connecting cannabis-focused companies with talented professionals, Handpicked Jobs is a recruitment platform specific to the cannabis industry. The platform covers all types of cannabis related jobs from seed to shelf, across a variety of skill sets that vary from entry level to executive-level positions.

By combining the power of technology with the human touch of recruitment learned over many years. Handpicked Jobs is bringing a professional recruiting service to an industry that’s growing rapidly.

Get hired in cannabis

For candidates, Handpicked’s intelligent software simplifies the job search process by matching your profile with suitable vacancies at cannabis-focused companies in the UK and Europe.

Simply create a profile and wait for the interviews to come in from market-leading companies that are shaping the future of cannabis.

You can create a profile on Handpicked Jobs in just a couple of minutes here: https://handpickedjobs.com/

Handpicked talent

For companies, Handpicked Jobs is uniquely positioned to be your hiring partner as you scale your business in the cannabis industry.

With seasoned recruiters, deep industry knowledge and the most extensive database of cannabis-focused talent in Europe, from both inside and outside of industry; the team at Handpicked Jobs delivers high quality, effective long-term hires to move your business forward.

So, what do you know about Handpicked Jobs?

Handpicked Jobs was founded by George Vincent, a seasoned recruiter and tech-entrepreneur with strong industry expertise. George launched Handpicked Jobs with a vision to become the UK’s go-to recruitment platform for cannabis-specific jobs.

In its first four months, Handpicked Jobs had over 12,500 candidates sign up to the platform.

Interested to find out more? Discover more here: https://handpickedjobs.com/signup.php

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  • Recruiting entry-level to executive-level
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Article published in Medical Cannabis Network-Issue 1

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