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Handpicked CBD: discover high-quality CBD products

The curated CBD marketplace is on a mission to introduce people to high quality CBD products from the UK’s most reputable brands, here we introduce the company giving a helping hand to the industry.

Handpicked CBD are on a mission to introduce people across the world to the incredible natural product that is: CBD. To do that, the company aims to become the ‘go-to’ online store for buying the very best, most trusted CBD products from the most reputable brands in the industry.

Visit the Handpicked CBD store today at: and get 10% off your first order with discount code ‘MCN10’.


How Handpicked CBD ensures quality

As part of Handpicked CBD’s commitment to quality, they sample every CBD product that they sell, making sure to only list the best CBD oils, balms, edibles, drinks and more, from the world’s leading CBD brands and manufacturers.

  • Rigorous vetting: The team at Handpicked CBD thoroughly investigates each vendor before allowing them to sell on the marketplace;
  • Lab reports: Every product listed on Handpicked CBD comes with a verified third party lab report to guarantee its ingredients;
  • Cultivation & extraction: Handpicked CBD only works with vendors the follow best cultivation and extraction processes. That means organic, no pesticides, fertilisers, solvents or heavy metals, and CO2 supercritical extraction;
  • Unbiased reviews: Customers can (and are encouraged to) leave reviews on any products that they purchase via Handpicked CBD;
  • Product testing: the team at Handpicked CBD tries every product that’s sold on the marketplace. Ensuring they only list products that they would personally vouch for; and
  • Satisfaction guarantee: All the products listed on Handpicked CBD are guaranteed by a minimum seven day returns period.

Safe, transparent, and trustworthy

For consumers, Handpicked CBD’s marketplace provides a better CBD shopping experience. With curated products, unbiased reviews, thorough brand vetting, purchase protection, and exceptional customer service; Handpicked CBD delivers an online CBD store that not only showcases high-quality CBD products, but also is a store that is safe, transparent, and trustworthy.

For brands, Handpicked CBD offers a streamlined platform to showcase high quality products and best-in-market processes to keen CBD users and enthusiasts.

Visit the Handpicked CBD store today at: and get 10% off your first order with discount code ‘MCN10’.

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Article published in Medical Cannabis Networks-Issue 1

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