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Greenheart, plant health and CBD products

Greenheart CBD is an Irish owned company with a vision using advanced systems tracking plant health to bring the finest Irish grown and manufactured CBD products to the market.

Greenheart aim to help farmers produce the finest organic hemp crops and process the material through cold press extraction machinery creating the highest quality homogenised CBD oil in the most natural way possible – could the years of expertise effectively utilise plant health and create the most effective CBD products?

Introducing Greenheart CBD

We have spent years in researching extraction methods in order to create homogenised cold-press extraction methods to create the most effective CBD products for the end consumer with full traceability from seed to shelf.

We are working closely with Zenapay which is a software development company developing systems to track plant health using artificial intelligence, payment solutions, compliance management and government auditing software to help cultivators, manufacturers and processors understand fully the condition of produce and traceability.

We have a keen interest in helping farmers to grow and understand this crop, we feel that with our offerings to farmers that we can help them to diversify and increase their incomes against the raising of cattle which is a declining market and other low income crops.

Provide the consumer with the finest Irish grown Homogenised CBD oil

Our crops are growing fantastically this year and we are trying a number of methods for drying with different farmers to work out the most effective way while preserving the quality of the plant in the process.

Some of our crops will be hand hung whilst others will be dried using drying machinery with lab reports being done on all material to give us good data to decide which option is most effective.

Our end goal is to provide the consumer with the finest Irish grown Homogenised CBD oil with full traceability, to the patch of land that the plants were grown on; while helping farmers to get involved in this profitable and sustainable plant.

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