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Explore the world of Medical cannabis production, with Holigen

Introducing Holigen, a future leader in large-scale, low-cost and high-quality cannabis production from a GMP compliant facility in the EU.

Holigen adopts a holistic approach to medical cannabis and is currently advancing a 65+ hectare outdoor cannabis growing facility in Portugal with the ultimate goal of cannabis production.

The development of this facility and related infrastructure will support clinicians by providing high-quality medical cannabis products for those who need them.  Holigen is committed to working towards improving access to the range of solutions available to patients.

Holigen’s background

Holigen is a collective organisation consisting of RPK Biopharma and TCann.

TCann incorporates more than 40 years of experience in both the pharmacy and healthcare sectors with involvement in research, production, cultivation, GMP manufacturing and import/export of medical cannabis.

RPK Biopharma holds a cannabis cultivation licence and the first export licence for cannabis in Portugal.

Collectively, Holigen holds licences for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, including one of the largest outdoor cannabis licences in the developed world (65+ hectares/seven million square feet in Aljustrel, Portugal).  This project is a designated Project of National Interest in Portugal with access to Euro 2020 funding.

Combining quality production and accessibility

Holigen is focused on growing high-quality cannabis under conditions that will produce high-yield crops with an additional focus on pharmaceutical-grade active cannabis ingredients.

Holigen is positioned well when it comes to the production of medical cannabis products on a large scale for both local European and Australian markets, and for export internationally

With a planned production capacity of more than 500 tonnes/annum of cannabis, Holigen expects to serve more than 35 countries through export by establishing trade agreements in key countries across Europe, including directly with pharmacies.

Holigen’s ownership structure is currently Maltese DFT Trading Ltd (80.2%) and The Flowr Corporation (FLWR) 19.8%. Flowr is publicly listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada.

  • Large-scale, high quality cultivation;
  • Low-cost GMP compliant manufacturing;
  • A planned wide-range of pharmaceutical grade cannabis products
  • Global sales and distribution
  • Import and export expertise and experience and;
  • Research & development across Portugal and Australia.
  • Development of products to meet the future needs of the evolving cannabis industry
  • Health and economic benefits of medicinal cannabis
  • Optimisation of dosing methodologies
  • Genomic aspects of the human responses to medicinal cannabis and;
  • Medical cannabis cultivation techniques.

2 page article in Health Europa 9

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