Sunday, September 22, 2019
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The importance of gut microbiome for Type 1 diabetes risk

A new study has highlighted that children with a high risk of type 1 diabetes have a different gut microbiome to children at low...

Genes and addiction: study shows gene mutation is linked to abuse

Nature or nurture has always been the big question when it comes to addiction. Now, a researcher has discovered that there is a link...
Smart bandages to change the way we treat non-healing wounds

Could bandages be going digital? Monitor dressing and electric pulses to revolutionise wound treatment

The University of Nottingham has received funding to start the process of creating a disposable smart bandage that uses fibre optic sensors to monitor...
Tilray gains U.S government approval to import a medical cannabis study drug

Tilray gains US Government approval to import a medical cannabis study drug

Import of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis produced by Tilray® Inc has been approved by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), with a special study...
Detecting pancreatic cancer at the earliest stages

A way of detecting pancreatic cancer at its earliest stages has been found

Previously, detecting pancreatic cancer has been proven to be difficult and is usually diagnosed very late in the disease progression. However, a newly developed...
Cancer immunotherapy to be funded by NHS England

Cancer immunotherapy to be funded by NHS England

NHS England have announced personalised blood cancer immunotherapy to be offered to some children and young adults with leukaemia. Such funding makes this a great...

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