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ortrait of young woman using laptop at cafe wearing face protective mask to prevent the coronavirus

The power of AI in providing rapid at-home assessments of the coronavirus

A new app will allow individuals to get an at-home risk assessment based on how they feel and be directed to the nearest testing...
immune cell in action

The ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ of immune cells

Scientists from Trinity College, Dublin have identified a rare, new cell in the immune system with 'Jekyll and Hyde' properties. These cells play a key...
emale doctor using digital tablet in clinic.

New strategic partnership to provide guidance on medical technology

NICE and Health Technology Wales will collaborate on the strategic planning and delivery over the assessment of medical technologies. The National Institute for Health and...
Medical technology concept. Electronic medical record.

How is AI and machine learning benefiting the healthcare industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are rapidly revolutionising the medical industry around the world. In order to help build increasingly effective care pathways...
Enterobacteria grown on a selective agar plate. Part of the commensal microbion.

Have researchers discovered a compound that can kill superbugs?

Researchers are testing a new drug that can kill a wide range of superbugs, including some antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The research team from the Brinkman Laboratory...
Study shows that pharmaceutical CBD is best for reducing seizures

Study shows that pharmaceutical CBD is best for reducing seizures

A new study has shown that ‘not all medical cannabis is the same’ by demonstrating how artisanal CBD is not as effective as pharmaceutical...
Schizophrenia and split personality disorder and mental health psychiatric disease concept in a 3d illustration style

Can the ‘hug hormone’ help those with social difficulties?

Research out of Kings College London has revealed that oxytocin could be used to help people overcome social difficulties. Published in Nature Communications, the study is...
Electrocardiograph and heart shape object

University of Leeds to develop a new treatment for heart failure

After receiving a grant from Heart Research UK, the University of Leeds are aiming to find new treatments for heart failure patients. A new research...
Smart, wearable insulin patch could revolutionise diabetes treatment

Smart, wearable insulin patch could revolutionise diabetes treatment

A wearable, smart insulin patch has been developed that could help to revolutionise diabetes treatment. Researchers have developed a smart insulin-delivery patch that could one...
Brain left and right creativity functions concept

Keeping the mind healthy with variety and consistency

Research from the University of South Florida (USF) reveals that the key to maintaining cognitive function is to engage in diverse activities regularly. The study...
Bottles of cleansers, diapers and a phone in the nursery

Low cost diaper uses smart technology to notify caregivers when it’s wet

Researchers at MIT have developed a smart diaper embedded with a moisture sensor that can alert caregivers when it becomes wet. A wet diaper, for...
Autism syndrome person and Autistic social developmental education disorder puzzle children symbol as a child special learning icon as jigsaw pieces coming together to form a young student head in a 3D illustration.

Can we predict autism spectrum disorder years before symptoms appear?

New research study will analyse blood, collected from newborns, for over 1000 different molecules and chemicals which could reveal signs of autism spectrum disorder Researchers...

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