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Transparent condom placed on banana. concept of sexual protection

Having more than ten sexual partners could increase the risk of cancer

According to research published in BMJ Journal of Sexual & Reproductive Health people who have a history of more than 10 sexual partners is...
Portrait of a peaceful man relaxing at the park with arms open and smiling

Is reconnecting with nature the key to our psychological wellbeing?

New research reveals that individuals who spend time in natural spaces report better physical and mental wellbeing as well as feeling connected to the...
Crumpled paper pieces with words Self Harm stock photo

New study reveals more about why people self-harm

Research published in the journal Archives of Suicide Research has revealed that people who self-harm often feel both positively and negatively about their behaviour The...
Depression conception using paper

Scientists discover new biochemical indication of early-stage depression

A new study from the Fujita Health University reveals high levels of anthranilic acid in blood are at increased risk of developing Major Depressive...

Ensuring people with disabilities are included in the workplace

Experts reveal practical implications of the 2017 Kessler Foundation National Employment and Disability Survey: Supervisor Perspectives Researchers from the Kessler Foundation and the University of...
An artificial intelligence robot experiments and studies in a test tube. Development and research of new drugs

Health Europa partners with the AI & Machine Learning Convention

Health Europa is delighted to announce its new partnership with the AI & Machine Learning Convention ahead of its first event at MediWeek at...
Skin cancer graphic of what happens under the skin

Study shows results from skin cancer diagnosis apps can’t be trusted

A new study from the University of Birmingham, reveals smartphone apps used to as ‘early warning systems’ for skin cancer are poorly regulated and...
doctor reviewing patient with a melanoma

Uncovering new research for melanoma detection and treatment

A new study from the Edith Cowan University, reveals that there could be a new way to spot melanoma cells circulating in the blood The...
keyboard with social media logos

Smartphone and social media use linked to mental health issues in teens

A new article in the CMAJ reveals a link between the use of smartphones and social media and mental distress and suicidality among adolescents The...
X chromosome inactivation colorful word with stethoscope on wooden background

Scientists reveal how women inactivate their X chromosome

Researchers at EMBL have revealed that the protein SPEN plays a crucial role in the process of X-chromosome inactivation Researchers at the European Molecular Biology...
Planet Earth at Night,focused Asia and Australia with star field backgrounds. Based on imagery from NASA.

Life sciences in space research: what do you know about miniature space labs?

Paul Kamoun, CMO of SpacePharma, explains the benefits of life sciences in space research and the opportunities this presents to health companies In early December...
doctor training medical students

NHS Digital Academy: disruption, education and leadership in healthcare

NHS Digital Academy CEO Rachel Dunscombe introduces the Digital Academy and explores how digital leadership can effectively disrupt the healthcare system AT the HETT Show...

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