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Health Europa brings you the latest Infection Control News from across the field of European Health & Social Care. We take a look into the disciplines concerned in the prevention of health-associated infection.

waterless bathing products

Exploring the benefits of waterless bathing products

Infection prevention company GAMA Healthcare explains how innovative waterless bathing products could help to reduce the risk of infection transmission, improve patient care, and...
chronic wounds

Combatting the pandemic of chronic wounds with Debrichem®

As COVID-19 shifted attention and medical resources from the community, chronic wounds are causing a pandemic of their own. However, DEBX Medical’s Debrichem® aims...
Environmental Protection Agency: Safeguarding public health

The Environmental Protection Agency: Safeguarding public health

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a key role to play in ensuring only safe products reach the market, something of increasing importance...
COVID-19 variants

COVID-19 variants will require infection control measures post-vaccination

Even after the implementation of widespread vaccination protocols, robust infection control measures will need to be enforced to prevent the spread of COVID-19 variants,...

Long COVID risk reduced by almost half after double vaccine dose

Receiving two COVID-19 vaccine doses reduces a person’s risk of experiencing long COVID by almost half, a new study has shown. Research led by King’s...

COVID-19 vaccines are still effective against Delta variant, study confirms

Two COVID-19 vaccine doses provide the most effective protection from the Delta variant in the UK, a new study has shown. Researchers from the University...

On-site vaccinations and phased return could make universities safer

Offering COVID-19 vaccines on campus and introducing phased returns in the autumn is key to making universities safer, public health experts have said. In an...

Blueprint revealed for delivering hepatitis C treatment to drug users

An expert guide to delivering hepatitis C testing and treatment to people who inject drugs could help to eliminate the virus, scientists say. Following a...

Contactless technique developed to detect viruses on surfaces

A prototype technique to remotely detect viruses deposited on a surface has been developed by researchers in Spain. The ongoing project, carried out by the...
malaria transmission

Malaria transmission potentially eradicated with discovery of new microbe

A team of scientists in Kenya has uncovered a new microbe that may effectively mitigate malaria transmission, creating new methods to combat the deadly...
COVID-19 treatment

Common tapeworm drugs may provide new COVID-19 treatment

A novel investigation has indicated that a range of widely utilised tapeworm drugs may also work as an effective COVID-19 treatment. The research, conducted by...

Cholesterol drug could reduce SARS-CoV-2 infection by up to 70%

Scientists have identified a licensed drug that they say could significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. An international study, led by the University of...

Double vaccine dose halves COVID-19 infection risk, study estimates

COVID-19 infection rates in England are three times lower in double vaccinated people, the findings from the recent REACT-1 report have revealed. The latest findings...

Researchers issue warning on relaxing COVID-19 restrictions

Prematurely relaxing COVID-19 restrictions could lead to vaccine resistance, researchers warn. Scientists from the University of East Anglia and the Earlham Institute have said that...

Behind the mask: examining the evolution and rise of PPE

Alison Margary, British Occupational Hygiene Society, explains why the pandemic's use of PPE should make us re-evaluate disease prevention. COVID-19 has introduced the acronym PPE...

Innovations in hydrogel technology are transforming wound care

Using revolutionary technology, hydrogel wound care can help prevent unnecessary infection and heal wounds before they become chronic. The benefits of employing antimicrobial peptides in...

Close contact testing effectively controls COVID-19 spread in schools

Daily close contact testing in secondary schools was as successful at preventing COVID-19 transmission as the current ten-day isolation policy, new research has found. In...

XPhyto expands infection prevention offering with new acquisition

Lifesciences specialist XPhyto Therapeutics has recently acquired 3a Diagnostics in a bid to advance its infection-prevention solutions. The move is the latest development in XPhyto’s...

How to support a return to ‘normal’ life after COVID-19

Belgian company miDiagnostics is developing an ultrafast RT-qPCR COVID-19 test which could accelerate a return to international travel. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges...
Sanitisation stands: a weapon against germs and infectious bacteria

Sanitisation stands: a weapon against germs and infectious bacteria

The need for hand sanitisers is everywhere. They have become a crucial public health aid. Sanitisation stands help the fight against the spread of pathogens...

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