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Doctor, surgeon Diagnose checking and analyzing patient brain testing result and human anatomy on technology digital futuristic virtual interface, dna, holographic, innovative in science and surgery.

The digital future of the healthcare industry

ID Medical has analysed data from the NHS Long Term Plan to reveal what the future of healthcare will look like Almost every aspect of...
man paying for an organ

Forced Organ Harvesting: “I’m going to China, they’re shooting my donor”

Health Europa Quarterly speaks to bioethicist Professor Wendy Rogers about forced organ harvesting and the ethical responsibilities of physicians and academics Professor Wendy Rogers is...
organ harvesting

Forced Organ Harvesting: “One of the worst mass atrocities of this century”

Health Europa Quarterly investigates the horrific practice of forced organ harvesting in Chinese prisons In 2019, HEQ was contacted by representatives for survivors of the persecution,...
forced organ harvesting surgery

Forced organ harvesting: “This is beyond understanding”

Professor Jacob Lavee, co-founder of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, tells Health Europa Quarterly about organ theft and forced transplantation in China Professor Jacob Lavee...
Period products on pink background

It’s time (of the month): Free period products for all schools and colleges

The Department for Education launches a fully funded scheme to ensure free period products are available in all schools and colleges across England. The scheme...
woman confused sat in chair with dementia

‘Dementia Moonshot’: New report highlights six areas of critical investment

Alzheimer’s Research UK has created an ambitious spending plan for the government’s ‘Dementia Moonshot’ funding pledge. Dementia is the nation’s biggest killer and has quickly...
Homeless lady staying warm

PELC introduces GP service for the homeless

The Partnership of East London Cooperatives (PELC) is working with Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group to provide a GP outreach service that offers health checks...
Beck speaking at EIT Health summit

A spotlight on value-based healthcare with Jan-Philipp Beck

Creating high value for patients is the overarching goal of care delivery, but can the challenge of accomplishing value-based healthcare in the evolving health...
doctor looking at computer

NHSX and interoperability in UK healthcare

Speaking at the HETT 2019 conference on technology in healthcare, Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, explained the need to integrate and scale technological innovation...
nurse using technology

WHO guideline recommendations on digital health

Speaking at the HETT 2019 conference on healthcare and technology, WHO consultant Susannah Robinson, explained the WHO’s key guideline recommendations for the future of...
new drug set to benefit children with cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy: first European drug approval in upper limb spasticity for a decade

Ipsen has announced the UK’s Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency approved Dysport® for the treatment of spasticity of upper limbs in children with...
Fycompa: Eisai’s new anti-epileptic drug is ready for the market in China 

Fycompa: Eisai’s new anti-epileptic drug is ready for the market in China 

Fycompa is a first in class anti-epileptic drug (AED) discovered and developed by the pharmaceutical company, Eisai and it's ready to be marketed in...

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