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1.5 million children worldwide lost a parent or guardian to COVID-19

Around 1.5 million children globally experienced the death of a parent, grandparent, or caregiver due to COVID-19, a new study has estimated. Using COVID-19 mortality...

Scientists discover novel coronavirus in UK bats

A coronavirus related to the cause of COVID-19 in humans has been found in British bats, researchers say. In a collaborative research project between the...

COVID-19 linked to brain complications in children hospitalised with virus

Around one in 20 children hospitalised with COVID-19 develop related brain or nerve complications, a new study has shown. Researchers at the University of Liverpool...

Questionnaire can detect autism in toddlers, study finds

A short questionnaire could be used to detect autism in toddlers, new research has suggested. Researchers from the University of Cambridge have determined that autism...

Acute exercise could slow down cancer cell growth

Regular exercise could help to halt the progression of cancer cells, new research has shown. The findings of a recent study were presented at The...

New understanding of proteins could help delay adult blindness

Scientists have made a breakthrough in determining the cause of the most common type of blindness in adults. A team of researchers, led by the...

Common pesticide may increase autism risk, researchers find

Exposure to a common pesticide has been linked to a frequent autism-associated gene mutation, new research has found. In a study conducted by researchers at...
HER2-positive breast cancer

A major breakthrough in HER2-positive breast cancer research

Researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery in advancing treatments for HER2-positive breast cancer, one of the most aggressive forms of the disease. Conducted by a...
metastatic melanoma

Optimising metastatic melanoma therapy by combining two treatments

A novel study has potentially revealed the most optimal strategy for combatting metastatic melanoma by combining chemotherapy and BRAF oncogene inhibitors. The study, conducted as...
prostate cancer treatment

New prostate cancer treatment prolongs patient life significantly

A team of international researchers have developed a novel prostate cancer treatment that effectively targets the disease and prolongs patient life. The new prostate cancer...

Early blood sugar control in Type 2 diabetes reduces mortality risk

Controlling blood sugar levels early following a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis significantly impacts future prognosis, new research has found. Researchers from the University of Gothenburg...

Preventing and combatting osteoporosis with low-intensity vibration

Low-intensity vibration (LiV) can naturally prevent and combat osteoporosis while improving movement, flexibility and freedom. Osteoporosis is a global health epidemic, affecting over 20 million...

Blood test developed to distinguish patients with frontotemporal dementia

Scientists have demonstrated, for the first time, that a blood test is able to detect frontotemporal dementia. Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland have...

Understanding the impact of long COVID to improve future treatment

A study into long COVID has highlighted the need for greater research, diagnostic procedures, and pandemic preparedness moving forward. For the foreseeable future, the coronavirus...

Research discovery could lead to more immunotherapy for cancer patients

New insights surrounding a particular protein could help to broaden the range of effective immunotherapy treatments available for cancer patients. Researchers from the Karolinska Institutet...

Colorectal cancer risk may be increased by low exposure to UVB light

A lack of exposure to UVB light from the sun may increase an individual’s risk of developing colorectal cancer, a new global study has...
COVID-19 nasal spray effective against variants

COVID-19 nasal spray effective against variants

A nasal spray that has been tested in clinical trials and proved to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 has also been found to work against...

Fibromyalgia most likely a disease of the immune system, say researchers

New research has shown that fibromyalgia is most likely to be caused by autoimmune issues. A study by researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology...
Reducing tuberculosis in England with a long-term action plan

Reducing tuberculosis in England with a long-term action plan

A new five-year action plan to reduce cases of tuberculosis (TB) in England has been launched by the UK Health Security Agency, working with...
New UK service launched to improve wellbeing and weight

New UK service launched to improve wellbeing and weight

New services have now been launched across England that will support people to achieve a healthy weight and improve their wellbeing. As part of the...

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