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auto immune rogue cells

Rogue cells responsible for autoimmune diseases, study suggests

For the first time, a team led by researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research have pinpointed individual cells that cause autoimmune disease...

Are you suffering from chest pain? Yoga might be the answer

When the allopathic approach towards certain conditions ceases to make you feel better, the ancient Indian practice of yoga may help to treat costochondritis Guest...

ADHD: better monitoring of adverse health risks needs to happen

Researchers from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia warn people with a history of ADHD are more at risk for a range of medical and...
Sclerosing glomerulonephritis biopsy sample under microscopy stock photo

Is kisspeptin the answer to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)?

Research published in the Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences reveals that scientists have managed to control ovarian stimulation in vivo testing According to the...
Wheat field

Coeliac disease: are biopsies needed for childhood diagnoses?  

Experts have issued new guidance to physicians on the diagnosis of coeliac disease in children The new guidance from the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and...
man with Alzheimer's being cared for

Alzheimer’s disease: amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles

Alzheimer's disease causes degeneration and death of a person's brain cells, meaning a sufferer will slowly and progressively lose their memory. Guest writer, Holly Klamer,...
doctor helping woman having a stroke

Stroke research, treatment and the need for institutional change

Fellows of the European Stroke Organisation tell HEQ about Innovation, strategy and gender in stroke treatment The European Stroke Organisation (ESO) is a Europe-wide NGO,...

Forced organ harvesting “They kill innocent people for their organs”

Dai Ying was tortured, force fed and subjected to medical exams which she suspects to have been a precursor to forced organ harvesting Dai Ying,...
men drinking pints of beer outside

Alcohol and the NHS is a “ticking time bomb about to explode”

Alcohol related hospital admissions are at a record number and according to experts, is crippling the NHS According to an NHS report, in 2018 a...
doctors showing insulin pen to child and mother

Children with type 1 diabetes display irregular brain function

Study reveals that the default mode network in children with Type 1 diabetes does not switch off when focusing on a task A study led...
Caring female physical therapist helps stroke victim in rehab centre

Optimising policy and digitisation in stroke treatment

Professor Michael Brainin, President of the World Stroke Organization, tells HEQ about the burden, treatment and prevention of stroke The World Stroke Organization (WSO), which...
green coronavirus molecules

VivaLNK’s wearable medical sensors are helping to fight coronavirus

The sensors, which help to provide continuous temperature readings to monitor patients are being used by the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center. VivaLNK, a leading...

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