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eye conditions

Risk of dementia significantly exacerbated by eye conditions

A novel study has indicated that a plethora of eye conditions may potentially increase the risk of developing dementia. The research, published in the British...
COVID-19 booster vaccines

Health experts believe COVID-19 booster vaccines are not yet required

A group of industry-leading health experts has concluded that COVID-19 booster vaccines are not yet needed to combat the pandemic. The international team of scientists,...
gout medication

Commonly prescribed gout medication found effective against COVID-19

A conventional gout medication that is utilised widely around the world has proven to be effective at combatting COVID-19, potentially adding a new weapon...

AI could speed up lung cancer diagnosis by a year

Scientists have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) screening method that they say could detect signs of lung cancer on CT scans a year faster...
T cells

Stem-like T cells may enhance immunotherapy cancer treatment

A team of researchers has made a potentially groundbreaking discovery in cancer treatment, identifying that stem-like T cells may be proficient in fighting against...
genetic syndromes

Using machine learning to accurately identify genetic syndromes in children

A novel machine learning technology has demonstrated impressive efficiency in detecting genetic syndromes in children, a significant advancement in diagnosing a plethora of disorders. In...

Cell discovery holds new therapeutic potential for Huntington’s disease

A new cellular discovery could pave the way for new treatment options for Huntington’s disease, researchers say. Scientists from the University of Cambridge and University...
cause of colon cancer

The use of antibiotics may be a cause of colon cancer

A team of Swedish researchers has identified that the use of antibiotics is a potential cause of colon cancer, exacerbating the risk of developing...

AI identifies heart failure patients best suited to beta-blocker treatment

A new AI-based approach could help to quickly and easily identify the best treatment options for heart failure patients. Researchers from the University of Birmingham...

Experts warn COVID-19 recovery could take longer than a year

Around one half of patients who were hospitalised with COVID-19 still experience health issues related to the virus after one year, a study has...

COVID-19 infection in pregnancy linked to higher risk of pre-eclampsia

Contracting COVID-19 during pregnancy can increase a woman’s risk of developing pre-eclampsia, researchers have demonstrated. A review of scientific literature by researchers in Brazil has...

Potential drug target for endometriosis revealed as scientists discover genetic cause

A genetic discovery behind endometriosis could lead to new targeted treatment for the condition, researchers say. By identifying a specific gene – NPSR1 – that...

Millions of people living with untreated hypertension worldwide

The number of people worldwide living with hypertension has doubled over the last 30 years to over 1.2 billion, a new study has found. Led...

AI-based early warning system for sepsis can improve patient outcomes

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for detecting sepsis warning signs has been proven to increase survival rates and reduce hospital stays. In a study by...

Cellular discovery in lymphomas could improve blood cancer treatment

New insights on the workings of aggressive lymphomas could lead to earlier cancer detection and improvements in treatment, researchers say. In a study led by...

How can a social networking app help MS patients?

Rehabilitation psychologist Dr Roy Aloni discusses MS-related distress and explains how an app can support MS patients experiencing this. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition...

COVID-19 antibody surveillance programme launched in the UK

A new antibody surveillance scheme will be introduced in the UK to improve understanding of immunity against COVID-19 from vaccination and infection. Launching on Tuesday...

Cognitive rehabilitation improves cognitive impairment in MS patients

Cognitive rehabilitation programmes can effectively restore cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients, a recent review has found. By analysing data from a large number of...

New marker for bone cancer prognosis could lead to life-saving treatments

Researchers have found a way to identify which patients with a rare bone cancer are least likely to be cured by the current standard...

Histamine could play major role in depression, study suggests

Inflammation and the molecule histamine could play a key role in the cause of depression, new research has suggested. A study carried out on mice...

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