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Exploring osteoporosis and bone health

Exploring osteoporosis and bone health

Royal Osteoporosis Society Director of Clinical Services Lauren Wiggins tells HEQ about osteoporosis risk, research, and care. Osteoporosis, which causes the bones to become progressively...
Improving communication and collaboration around vaccines

Improving communication and collaboration around vaccines

Alison Maassen and Alba Godfrey of EuroHealthNet explain the importance of the IMMUNION project in improving public knowledge and confidence around vaccines. Vaccines are a...

MRI incubator could improve care for babies with heart disease

New technology for imaging babies born with congenital heart disease (CHD) is currently being trialled by researchers in Leeds. The Baby MRI incubator at Leeds...
Redefining critical care ventilation for the next surge event

Redefining critical care ventilation for the next surge event

CorVent Medical is delivering a simple solution for resource-limited institutions to increase the ventilatory capacity to save lives. The COVID-19 pandemic was a rough wakeup...

New app offers round-the-clock support for cancer patients

Incorporating expert cancer information from Macmillan Cancer Support, a new app has been launched to support cancer patients. The Unify Health resource, developed by Accord...
Bone health, osteoporosis, and innovation

Bone health, osteoporosis, and innovation

National Osteoporosis Foundation Chief Medical Officer Dr Andrea Singer tells HEQ about the burden and treatment of osteoporosis. The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), established in...

HIV transmission in England could be eliminated by 2030

The number of new HIV infections has fallen significantly in England and the country is on track to achieve elimination of transmission by 2030,...
European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain: Collecting Good Practices

European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain: Collecting Good Practices

Active Citizenship Network (ACN) is holding the ‘Patients’ right to avoid pain: reducing the burden of COVID-19, promoting best practices across EU’ event this...

Hope of alternative treatment for osimertinib-relapsed lung cancer patients

A combination treatment has proved effective in treating patients with lung cancer whose disease progressed after treatment with osimertinib. The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson...

Low-cost sensor insoles can detect risk of diabetic foot ulcers

A new low-cost method, using 3D-printed structures, has been developed by scientists to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers. Researchers from the Centre for Biomechanics and...

Genetic link could explain why children develop dyspraxia

Scientists have identified a link between specific genes and developmental coordination disorder (DCD), also known as dyspraxia. New research, led by Oxford Brookes University, which...

Charity pledges £500,000 for research into COVID-19 and heart conditions

Three new research projects will investigate the impact of COVID-19 on the heart and circulatory system. National charity Heart Research UK has pledged over £500,000...

Hormones in placenta can aid early detection of pregnancy complications

Hormone levels in the placenta can aid early detection of potentially life-threatening complications in pregnant women, a new study has shown. Scientists from St John's...

New procedure found to reduce blood pressure in hypertension patients

A minimally-invasive procedure which targets the nerves near the kidney has been found to significantly reduce blood pressure in hypertension patients. The global multicentre clinical...

World-first study finds drug to halt dementia after head injuries

Scientists have identified a drug to halt the development of dementia in athletes who have sustained multiple head injuries. In the world-first international study, researchers...

Underlying neurodegeneration could be revealed by simple blood test

The presence of underlying neurodegeneration in people with cognitive issues can be identified by a single biomarker, research has revealed. Researchers from King’s College London...
Cardiovascular disease

VAZKEPA® (icosapent ethyl): Revolutionising cardiovascular disease treatment

Dr. Craig Granowitz, the Chief Medical Officer of pharmaceutical company Amarin Corporation, speaks to Health Europa about the never-ending pandemic, the number one cause...
Collaboration established for the optimisation of cancer therapeutic

Collaboration established for the optimisation of cancer therapeutic

Defence Therapeutics Inc. has established a collaboration with the HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center at Helsinki, Finland, for the optimisation of Defence’s Accum-T-DM1 ADC Therapeutic. Defence...

Excess death rates during pandemic reveal major disparities

Excess death rates in England and Wales in the first 30 weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic show strong regional and socioeconomic differences. Researchers at the...

COVID-19 may cause long-term autoimmune complications

Many people infected with COVID-19 produce immune responses against their body’s own tissues or organs, new research has found. Funded by the UK Coronavirus Immunology...

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