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Innovations in hydrogel technology are transforming wound care

Using revolutionary technology, hydrogel wound care can help prevent unnecessary infection and heal wounds before they become chronic. The benefits of employing antimicrobial peptides in...

The PREcisE project: Exploring the impact of glycaemic control

The PREcisE project draws together research to tackle the mother-to-child transmission of impaired glucose metabolism. The prevalence of comorbidities associated with adult type 2 diabetes...

Longer interval between Pfizer vaccine doses boosts antibody protection

A longer dosing schedule for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine triggered the most effective immune response, new research has found. A new and extensive pre-print study...

Skills for Care launches new nursing associate guide

A new guide has been launched to enhance the understanding of the nursing associate role within social care. Skills for Care, an independent body for...

How can nanofibers aid successful wound healing?

Dr Shahin Homaeigohar speaks to Health Europa Quarterly (HEQ) about the wound healing potential of nanofibrous dressings. The management and treatment of wounds has become...

Improving care for pulmonary hypertension patients

Lorna Malkin, Editor of Health Europa Quarterly, spoke to PHA Europe about the management and treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a rare...

Close contact testing effectively controls COVID-19 spread in schools

Daily close contact testing in secondary schools was as successful at preventing COVID-19 transmission as the current ten-day isolation policy, new research has found. In...

Robotic technology increases surgical efficiency at NHS hospital

An NHS hospital in Gloucestershire has adopted new robotic technology to make minimally invasive surgery more readily available to patients. Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, part of...

XPhyto expands infection prevention offering with new acquisition

Lifesciences specialist XPhyto Therapeutics has recently acquired 3a Diagnostics in a bid to advance its infection-prevention solutions. The move is the latest development in XPhyto’s...

App expands expert team to improve nutritional support services

Nutrition app Lifesum has appointed two well-known nutrition specialists to its Health Advisory Board, with the aim of reversing disease using nutrition and lifestyle...

How to support a return to ‘normal’ life after COVID-19

Belgian company miDiagnostics is developing an ultrafast RT-qPCR COVID-19 test which could accelerate a return to international travel. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges...

Researchers show that age-related memory loss can be reversed

A new study demonstrating the reversal of memory loss in mice could lead to preventative treatments for age-related memory loss. Researchers at the University of...

The benefits of embracing digital technology in chronic pain management

BioWaveGO medical consultant Dr Dominic Hegarty highlights the need for greater access to neuromodulation devices for chronic pain treatment. The pandemic has highlighted the need...

Antipsychotic drug could reduce dementia-related psychosis symptoms

The benefits of an antipsychotic treatment for people with dementia-related psychosis have been demonstrated in a new study. A clinical trial has tested the efficacy...

New drug offers hope for MS sufferers on World Brain Day

As medical experts urgently call for action to tackle MS, one company has developed a drug it believes can treat the condition by repairing...

Type 1 diabetes in babies could be prevented by restoring microbiota

New research suggests that it may be possible to prevent babies from developing Type 1 diabetes by restoring their gut microorganisms with a maternal...
Sanitisation stands: a weapon against germs and infectious bacteria

Sanitisation stands: a weapon against germs and infectious bacteria

The need for hand sanitisers is everywhere. They have become a crucial public health aid. Sanitisation stands help the fight against the spread of pathogens...

1.5 million children worldwide lost a parent or guardian to COVID-19

Around 1.5 million children globally experienced the death of a parent, grandparent, or caregiver due to COVID-19, a new study has estimated. Using COVID-19 mortality...

New research highlights “invisible crisis in children’s mental health”

One in eight children have mental disorders requiring treatment but even high-income countries are failing to provide most of these children with support, a...

Cancer treatment could be improved by new causal understanding

New insights on why identical mutations cause different types of cancer could lead to improvements in targeted treatment, researchers say. Researchers at the German Cancer...

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