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Canngea: manufacturing for the medical cannabis industry

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Canngea is a B2B contracts management business utilising best-in-class technology to provide medical grade wholesale cannabis manufacturing at highly competitive rates.

Canngea’s facility is fully integrated, environmentally sustainable and includes labs, cultivation, processing and manufacturing on site. This reduces costs and produces exceptional quality and consistent crop yields.

Using this closed loop, seed-to-sales system, Canngea fulfils manufacturing contracts for white and private label products to serve clients within the cannabis industry.  Our operations are geared to deliver consistent high-quality patient-ready products for wholesale markets globally.

Canngea strives to bridge the gap between ancient and contemporary medicine for a better quality of life.


Canngea applies a hybrid method of both in-house cultivation as well as offtake agreements of raw plant material from wholly vetted GACP/GMP certified preferred partners. Canngea uses Aeroponic grow methods in order to produce high consistency and quality without the use of any herbicides, pesticides or alkaloids.


Canngea has a three-way extraction offering which includes Sub-Critical C02, Super Critical C02 or Ethanol for extraction purposes. The three-way variation means that Canngea can provide this service for a wide range of products based on the client’s needs for consistency across cannabinoids and terpenes.


Canngea is ultimately a Contracts Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) which manufactures white label and private label products for clients in the cannabis industry to specification. This means we can work with a wide variety of clients to service their specific needs.

Packaging and labelling

This a crucial component of the production line because depending on the destination of the product, each region will have independent requirements for packaging and labelling. Canngea has implemented software technology in order to comply with these requirements leaving the customer with peace of mind that their products will make it on to the shelf.


Canngea offers distribution in both the local Australian market and export to global markets. This includes import and export clearing and compliance requirements, as well as ensuring full tacking and traceability of finished products throughout the supply chain.

  • Manufacturing
  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Distribution
  • Packaging & Labelling

Canngea is currently working with the University of Sydney’s School of Pharmacy researching medical cannabis quality assurance and manufacturing innovation. Canngea is also passionate about innovation in sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing best practices.


Article published in Medical Cannabis Network – Issue 1

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