Expert answers: can cannabis and CBD affect coronavirus?

Expert answers: can cannabis and CBD affect coronavirus?
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In this article, integrative medicine expert, Dr Dani Gordon, answers peoples’ question of whether cannabis and CBD can affect contracting or recovering from COVID-19, or coronavirus.

The biggest question I’m getting asked is around how CBD and medical cannabis may affect contracting or recovering from coronavirus, and about what else we can do to stay well.

People are asking  if cannabis and CBD can help buffer the immune system against getting COVID-19 in the first place, and if you do get it, can CBD and cannabis help treat it? What about the possibility that NSAID anti-inflammatory drugs may have a negative effect on the virus once you are infected and wait a —minute – CBD is an anti-inflammatory too, so what does that mean for CBD?

These are all valid questions and so far, even in terms of the anti-inflammatory drugs and the effect on corona, it is still unclear what the relationship is, if there is one. Many doctors are still recommending sticking to Acetaminophen for the fever for now and avoiding NSAID over the counter drugs until we know more.

CBD, cannabis and coronavirus

As for CBD and cannabis, we don’t have any studies showing it has any effect on the coronavirus, although there are some interesting studies on medical cannabis and smoked cannabis use and HIV progression.

On Facebook and social media, many CBD and cannabis advocates are claiming that they boosted their immunity successfully against all viruses using the plant, and recommending others do the same.

As both a cannabis specialist and doctor trained in natural medicine and western medicine, it is important to let people know the facts and be totally honest about what we don’t know. It’s also critical not to make false claims when we are all understandably a bit scared, and of course want to do everything we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The ‘miracle cure’ claims that some members of the natural wellness community can sometimes make, even when well-intentioned, can have harmful effects on people’s behaviour and also tarnish the industry as promoting ‘snake oils.’

This effect can distance our more ‘conventional’ medicine and research colleagues who are not well versed in botanical medicine, and hurt the progress plant medicine has made in recent years in gaining support and credibility through academic research and inquiry, partnering with the research and those physicians open-minded enough to consider them.

Plant medicines like CBD and medical cannabis do so many amazing things that there is no need to stretch the truth or make claims that cannot be backed up, at least not currently.

So, how can we support our immune systems?

Probably the best way we can support our immunity is avoiding alcohol, staying active while we stay home (dance parties in the living room anyone?) and taking up a simple relaxation or meditation practice to decrease stress hormones.

If you are into supplementing, you could consider adding some adaptogen mushrooms, along with liposomal glutathione (not a direct immune boost but may help support the liver).

Eating a diet rich in micronutrients, zinc, vitamin C, flavonoids like quercetin (in both cannabis and apples) and getting good sleep are all good things to start now if you haven’t already.

Melatonin, our sleep hormone made while we sleep can help healthy immune function too. Deep breathing practices and laughter may also have a positive effect on our immune systems too. So, you can feel like you have done something by putting on a funny film and having a good deep belly laugh to get those lungs working while you self-isolate.

Even if you do everything ‘right’ you may still end up getting coronavirus, but the good news is that most people not in high risk groups will have a mild illness course and recoup at home. Some carriers may not even have any symptoms at all or even know they had it, which is why social distancing is so important, since asymptomatic transmission rates are thought to be quite high with coronavirus.

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  1. Why would you ignore the possible benefits of THC and the other cannabinoids? I understand the buzz around CBD these days, but THC has been proven to have significant benefits to our health, and we know it possesses anti metastatic and anti proliferative properties in regards to cancer cells. To ignore this is irresponsible, with all due respect.

  2. Does taking cbd make you tired after meals and have to have a sleep I take 1ml at night before bed each night then have breakfast within Maybe 1 hr plus I have to have a sleep and same at lunch time more so then is this normal

    • In my experience CBD is relaxing but doesn’t force me to sleep or even make me tired. as far as the rest of your question it doesn’t make any sense that you would take it just before bed and then eat breakfast an hour later, that means you’re only sleeping less than an hour?
      Then you’re sleeping at lunch time?
      Then “more” what.
      We would like to help but your translation software is confusing the conversation.
      please break your statements and questions down into individual complete sentence and statements and questions.
      Just can’t understand what you’re saying or what you are asking.

  3. Yes Keith
    The CBD May make you tired I would not take until late afternoon and bed time!! Always good too sleep and get well rested!!

  4. All that all of you people are talking about , Jack Herer has put a book together call The Emperor Wears No Clothes Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy. The truth is there! I would like to thank people like Jack and Steve Angleo their work has been torn to sheds by greed and bad capitalism. Cannabis is the wonder medicne

  5. Yes marijuana should be legal in India.
    Becaz the cbd can treat any diseases like virus , cancer,thyroid ,cholesterol ,blood pressure, diabetes asthma, allergies ,muscle recovery and allot..
    In Hindu ancient books and Vedas it says that marijuana is the backbone of medicinal herbs.

  6. I’m posting this comment because the article mentions what we can do about our immune systems. Many of us are unaware of the recent success with Vitamin C therapies.

    There is a website called Doctoryourself .com. Dr Saul has a man in Wuhan, China who has told him that the Chinese are successfully treating coronavirus victims with Vitamin C, both intravenously and by mouth.

    Here is the title paragraph of a video of Dr Saul explaining why we have not seen these vital updates on MSM and Google:

    NEW VIDEO: Coronavirus, Vitamin C, and Censorship: Why are you seeing nothing in the mass media about China already using high-dose vitamin C to prevent and treat COVID-19 coronavirus? Or being falsely told that intravernous vitamin C therapy for coronavirus is “fake news”?

    There are SEVERAL articles, many with video links, about how it works, why it works, how much to take, etc.

    Here are some of the titles:

    Three Intravenous Vitamin C Research Studies Approved for Treating COVID-19

    Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19

    Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

    Nutritional Treatment of Coronavirus

    Also, Youtube has a video entitled, “NCP(Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia) and Vitamin C,” by Richard Cheng

    I hope this information benefits someone. Thanks.

    • He did. He said there isn’t any scientific evidence at the moment (since no studies have been conducted).
      He also said that it is important to not make false claims and speak on what we don’t know.
      So if you take those two things, the logical outcome is that he can’t recommend nor discourage it’s use, doing so would be irresponsible, especially as someone trained in western medicine in which it’s axioms lie in the scientific method and scientific proof. This is more important than ever in times like these where people are looking for answers.
      In a way you could say why make the article then? But at least there is some response from a sensible person rather than nothing, since no one else is attempting to answer the question. Plus if someone did, citing misinformation, then at least we would have this article to fall back on. 🙂
      You could probably assume that you might be safe to eat edibles, or maybe, vaporise (though most be hesitant to recommend this) but that is going to have to be your choice given that no one has any absolutes on this.

  7. To Bob Kat, You are absolutely correct!!! There are no EXPERTS , except NATURE!!! It is a Fact that there are numerous Patents that the U.S and Israel have that MMJ cures just about ALL Illnesses that is created by EVIL. Keep in Mind that all these so called Expert have iis Graduation ie Gradual Indoctrination, therefore can not go against the corrupt Med. System!. All I can say is do some good RSO and believe that Nature is always above Evil. When Evil concocted this Virus They did not consider Nature Like Always in History. I am a 72 Year old VN Vet that is keeping Cancer and other Issues at Bay.

  8. I survived corona with weed!
    weed protect against diseases!
    allover egypt it is written in stone. Seshat wrote it! it was so importent to tell next generations about this power plant against diseases!
    dont ignor that!
    and also in every sacred text of the world, it is used against diseases.
    so beginn to test in laboratory!
    dont tell about with no knowing.
    it is stupid to ignor what they wanted to tell the next generations.
    free hemp for everyone!


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