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Always Pure Organics: Prioritising Cannabis Research, Education and Adoption

Always Pure Organics aim to be the driving force behind the global understanding, research, education, and ultimately distribution of cannabis and cannabis derived products.

We achieve this through expertise and strategic partnerships, to form a complete and comprehensive supply network. Our UK team includes senior managers with experience in cannabis related products, pharmacy, vaping, and traditional retail.

Our extended network of industry experts ensures we are at the forefront of cannabis research, news, and developments. In an industry that is estimated to eclipse the worldwide music sector by 2021, it is essential to have quick access to the necessary quality ingredients needed for your products.

To facilitate the smooth flow of goods that tend to attract additional scrutiny at country borders, we have pursued an open and transparent relationship with bodies such as Border Force, Customs, and Trading Standards.

Our products

We offer the highest quality wholesale cannabis and cannabinoid products, as bulk ingredients, bulk products, white label, and bespoke formulations. This is coupled with regulatory and legal expertise and supported by delivery within three working days across Europe. From sample boxes to bulk ingredients, we aim to meet our clients’ needs with our range of CBD products, which includes isolates, balms, gel oils, capsules, and much more.

Our unique bespoke formulation products allow our customers to create their own product from scratch, whilst we provide the regulatory and product knowledge, as well as production of the product. Whatever the requirements, we can help – with our trained staff on hand to answer any questions clients may have.

The farm

We can account for our clients’ product from seed to the finished article, starting with our cannabis farm in Zurich.


This is supported by our research facility, which studies varieties and breeding using modern technologies, to keep our customers at the cutting edge of cannabis related products.


Our patent pending extraction process facilitates the production of the highest standard cannabis extract and gives customers complete confidence in their product.

Compliance and accreditation

Always Pure Organics offer a supply chain our clients can trust to help them on their CBD venture, from start to finish.

Our commitment to quality is the driving force behind Always Pure Organics, allowing us to quickly become an industry leader and trusted supplier of CBD worldwide.

This, along with our Pure Europe partnership and close relationship with researchers at ETH Zurich, has achieved us accreditations from the most prominent bodies in the cannabis industry.

Novel Foods

With the decision from the UK Government to regulate all CBD food products under the EU’s existing Novel Foods Regulations, it is now essential for CBD companies in the UK to apply. Always Pure Organics is currently working through the requirements for an application and is on track for informal submission in December 2020.

If you would like to find out even more about Always Pure Organics, or view our wide range of products, please click here:

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