Always Pure Organics light up the Japanese CBD market

Japanese CBD market

Industry-leading experts of the cannabis industry, Always Pure Organics (APO), have announced their exciting new Asian venture – Always Pure Organics Japan – giving the Manchester-headquartered company a strong trading position in the rapidly expanding Japanese CBD market.

APO is a top three wholesale and white label market leader in the UK, Japan, and Europe, meaning establishing an Asian foothold in Japan puts the company in a prime position to reap the rewards of the blossoming Japanese CBD market.

With more than 80% of APO’s business primarily focused on export and following the recent acquisition of Belgian company DLH, giving it a strong European footprint, APO intends to repeat this ambitious strategy by creating a base in Japan to enable growth within the broader Asia region.

The development of Always Pure Organics Japan will allow the company to enhance its wholesale and white label business, providing APO with the opportunity to disseminate its brands across the Japanese market.

APO has built a reputation for quality and reliability in the Japanese CBD market since it started trading in the region in 2019. Since the inception of this trading endeavour, APO has achieved over £2.5m in revenue and estimates that sales will exceed £4.5m within the first 12 months of Always Pure Organics Japan’s opening.

Seizing the Japanese CBD market

APO has a rich history of operating in the Japanese market and is one of the most trusted manufacturing partners in the country. The development of Always Pure Organics Japan will enable the company to manufacture on the island, import raw materials quicker, and register products faster.

Usually, it can take several months for a western brand to get their product on the Asian market, so the acquisition of these domestic manufacturing and distribution warehouse facilities will allow APO to capitalise on this crucial fast-moving consumer goods market.

Gavin Ogilvie, the CEO of Always Pure Organics, commented: “When operating in the EU, APO is afforded the freedom to distribute its goods duty and tax-free throughout the EU on a next day basis. However, in Japan, the customs clearance process slows this down dramatically and results in lengthy lead times. By establishing ourselves in Japan and building on our experience from the previous two years, our clients are able to benefit from our new, faster, local based service.”

Wider benefits to the Japanese community

Since June 2020, APO has been engaged with Green Zone Japan in joint preclinical studies called ‘Midori-no-wa (Green Circle)’ for children with intractable epilepsy in Japan. Green Zone Japan is a Japanese medical cannabis advocacy group focusing on bringing evidence-based, accurate and up-to-date information on medical cannabis to  medical professionals and the public. By now being based in Japan, APO is in a stronger position to further support Green Zone Japan and other organisations researching the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Chikako Yoshida, the Regional Director of Asia at APO and country representative of Japan, said: “Evolution in the cannabis industry is fast-moving, particularly with inspiring stories embracing users and patients who are experiencing great benefits from the plant. After observing the evolution of the CBD industry in Japan, a country with an extremely positive outlook for the year ahead, we have therefore decided that now was the right time to launch APO Japan to respond quicker and more efficiently to the industry demands.”


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