Always Pure Organics: fuss-free CBD for a competitive marketplace

Always Pure Organics: fuss-free CBD for a competitive marketplace

Always Pure Organics discusses its retail-ready range of CBD brands, designed to provide businesses with a seamless integration into the challenging CBD marketplace.

The CBD industry is unique in its potential, experiencing rapid growth with the global CBD market estimated to reach $20+ billion by 2024 – the implementation of regulations is racing to keep up. The UK is the first proactively regulated market for CBD and this helps to support the legitimising of the CBD industry.

For many businesses dipping their toe into the CBD industry for the first time, navigating the evolving regulations, geographically and locally, as well as the potential upfront cost of white labelling, without a guarantee of sales can be daunting.

By creating four excellent quality, FSA compliant (as part of a wider UK Novel Foods application), highly traceable and fully regulated brands, Always Pure Organics allows businesses the option for immediate, fuss-free integration into the competitive CBD marketplace. Designed to work as a supplement to, or a first step towards white labelling, the retail-ready brands cover a broad spectrum of consumer needs and are highly targeted towards different markets. They are all available at low minimum order levels, to ensure maximum flexibility in a highly competitive marketplace.

Each individual retail-ready brand is developed and produced using the finest ingredients and undergoes strict controls to ensure purity, potency, and consistency. All product ranges have maximum traceability; all can be accounted for, at every step of the process, from raw ingredients to the finished article. In addition, all our retail-ready brands are fully compliant, with all foodstuffs and food supplements submitted to the FSA as part of our wider UK Novel Foods application.

Discussing the company’s commitment to removing uncertainty for businesses, Andrew Megahy, Chief Scientific Officer at Always Pure Organics, said: “Always Pure Organics is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of specialist cannabis-based products.

“With a portfolio covering items such as bespoke cosmetics, flavoured gummies, and unique terpene-blended CBD oils, our in-house formulation team have the experience and creativity to take on new – and improve existing -projects.

“We are committed to providing only the highest quality products and ensure everything we do is fully legal – removing any uncertainty that working in the cannabis industry can often bring.”

The brands that sit in the retail-ready portfolio are targeted towards different markets, allowing clients to choose the ranges that best suit their business needs. From entry level to premium, covering everything from traditional, artisan style products to those that sit comfortably in spas and treatment rooms, Always Pure provides a solution to meet all business needs.

Vitae CBD: restoring your natural balance

The Vitae CBD brand offers a blend of nature and science by infusing a collection of luxurious balms, lotions, and oils that release the full potential of the hemp plant, which has been used for health and wellbeing for thousands of years. We use only the highest quality, organically grown, pesticide-free raw materials to restore natural balance and keep skin feeling restored and enriched.

Apothecary Collection: indulgence on your terms, in your time

The Apothecary Collection enables indulgence on your terms, creating a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home. The Apothecary Collection combines the finest quality CBD with a cornucopia of delicious flavours, fragrances, and active ingredients, all artfully blended to help boost a healthy mind and body.

Bao Botanicals: supported by science, rooted in nature

The Bao Botanicals CBD face and body range is developed to carefully combine a host of key benefits, aimed at strengthening and repairing the skin’s natural barrier, reducing inflammation, and creating a healthy, natural glow.

From enriching CBD balms and uplifting oils to our soothing tattoo cream, Bao Botanicals is crafted with the consumer in mind.

Essential Collection: fuss-free CBD

Our Essential Collection offers the ideal range of CBD products for those at the start of their CBD journey. Our affordable range of oils, capsules, and gummies provide those new to CBD with the flexibility to experiment and find the type and strength that suits them best—exceptional quality at a modest price.

To learn more about how Always Pure Organics Retail Ready can support immediate, fuss-free integration into the competitive CBD marketplace for your business, or for any other questions or information on CBD, get in touch today.  You can also follow us on LinkedIn , YouTube and Instagram.

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